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GS Session Six (with GS Session 5 Results)


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The Sixth Session of the Galactic Senate has officially commenced!


Deadline to SECOND Bylaw Proposals: Monday, September 6, 2004 11:59 PST

Deadline to VOTE for Bylaw Proposals: Thursday, September 9, 2004 11:59 PST


The Secretary has finally resumed full attention to his post at the Galactic Senate and is pleased to announce the results of the Fifth Session! A suggestion was made to consolidate the previous Session announcements with the active Session Thread and I am happy to comply.


Furthermore, the Senate would like to welcome its newest, and 23rd member:


Majestic Royal Majesty Cunuk Cannonfodder of the Majestic Star Kingdom represented by Humble Serf Crukus Amungus





There have been at least 5 Senators who voted on the Ali-T/Eternus Bylaw regarding Investigation Review Panel, with 75% voting Senators voting 'yes', the following Bylaw is effective immediately:




GS BILL 072704-5-01


After three incidents have been investigated by Senate Committees, those committees review in this forum what they thought worked and did not work so as to improve the procedure for investigating allegations against members of the Senate.


Vote Record

YEA: 1728, 2996, 54, 3857, 1006, 4579, 4292



SUBJECT TO DEFAULT ABSTAIN VOTE: 1351, 500, 1290, 3062, 2516, 760, 4933, 2084, 3343, 1773, 2159, 2296, 4851, 82, 4526







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Hail Lords and Ladies of the Noble Galactic Senate.


My Liege, HRM Cunak Cannonfodder, has directed me to present a proposal to the Galactic Senate regarding the creation of a Battle Standard.


Proposal: Creation of a Galactic Senate Battle Standard or Flag. The Galactic Senate should empower a <translation error: small herd of grazing animals flinging offal at one another> to design a grand battle standard that will lift the morale of the masses and strike fear into the hearts of WHACKO. Future generations of children, cubs, hatchlings, podlings, seedlings, tadpoles, etc. will be inspired to dedicate their lives to the greater good of all and to spread the principles of righteousness, compassion, and a free market society throughout the universe.


As presented to the Galactic Senate by Serf Crukus Amungus

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We believe it is our duty as sentient species to avoid battle. A 'battle standard' (what's so standard about it?) would seem to encourage predatory behavior more suited to lesser lifeforms.

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