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How many orders do you use each turn to run your empire? Second field for how many you feel you'd have to do to be as efficient as possible  

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NOTE: Misunderstood poll form nature so first poll is for how much you are putting down now, next poll for what you feel is needed


It has been said many times that you can run an empire on 30 orders per forthnight. With all the orders for creating fleets, RN'ing ships, juggling queues etc do you feel this is true? How many orders do you indeed put down every turn and how many would have to put down to play your empire as efficient as possible?



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:blink: Thinking about this I have found on the average I am using 90 orders a turn and in a number of turns I have been up to 120, but never less than 60. So I always plan on at least 60, and alot of times it ends of as 90, and a few times it is even up to 120. Even with Standing orders, there is always something more to do or redo :(
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Playing 2 positions, I generaly count on 60 ordrs each with the rare 90 order turn. Untill iget my advanced JSS's I have to dtruggle at times to use all 60 orders. but then I do not change my production much and have not yet run into anyone once i do I imaging things will pick up to and i will be doing more


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Sure it would be nice to do 60 or 90 orders but we got bills to pay here.

30 orders aren't much but you can still get things done. I do submit 60 orders sometimes, but the $$$ adds up.

The trick is to tool up, have large stockpiles of base material, and build only one or two items per turn (your latest tech)

Keep the # of fleets down, and build bigger ships.

Bonus is I only spend an hour or 2 on my turn, leaving time for the epic battle of the weeds in my backyard.

I think you plant players have already invaded my yard, you fiends!!!! :P

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