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How much do you need


How many orders do you feel you would need to play your empire as efficiently as possible?  

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NOTE: Misunderstood poll form nature so this poll for what you feel is needed


It has been said many times that you can run an empire on 30 orders per forthnight. With all the orders for creating fleets, RN'ing ships, juggling queues etc do you feel this is true? How many orders do you indeed put down every turn and how many would have to put down to play your empire as efficient as possible?



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The wording of your poll is a bit misleading... "as efficiently as possible" ultimately means as many orders as available. Although I have enough neighboring star systems to spend hundreds of orders a turn exploring and mapping, I don't believe that is necessary at the moment.


I am content to use 60 orders for "as efficiently as affordable". Once my xexpl orders are set up, I could drop back down to 30 if not for new colony routes, so I expect to continue to shift in the 30-60 range.

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A very good poll :woohoo:


Now on a average I have been running with at least 60 orders but many times I have used 90 orders too. I have never not sent in orders and always found something to fill up any extra order slots I might have as well. :angry:

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I normally get by with 60 orders with the occassional 90 orders now and then. :angry:


There's never a lack of space for orders. I have plenty more orders I could give but running all these ships really eats up your orders quick.



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