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Shipyard questions


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Once again, I'm back with more questions. Your responses have been great and I thank you for them.


My current understanding:


1) Each shipyard in a pop group is able to produce 10,000 tons of ship per turn. When you build a shipyard in a pop group, you automatically get one shipyard slip.


2) Each shipyard slip is capable of producing one ship per turn. If you want to increase the number of ships to produce in a single turn, you need to add shipyard slips.




For example, if I want to build a 10,000 ton ship in pop group #1, I can expect it to pop out the next turn (assuming all orders were issued correctly and all resources were available). However, if I chose to build a 100,000 ton ship in pop group #1, it would take 10 turns to complete, but all resouces would have to be available (and consumed I assume) on the first turn.


So, what do I do if I want to build the same 100,000 ton ship in one turn? Would I simply constuct another 9 shipyards at the pop group (at a cost of 4500 Construction materials)?



Now, let's say I want to build two 10,000 ton ships in pop group #1 and I want them completed in one turn. To accomplish that, all I'd need to do is add an additional shipyard slip (cost of 50,000 CM) to pop group #1. OR, would I need to add on an additional shipyard (500 CM) in to account for the extra 10,000 tons of ship?



Finally, if I wanted to build two 100,000 ton ships in pop group #1 in one turn, I'd need to do the following:


Add one shipyard slip to pop group #1 (50,000CM)

Add 19 shipyards to pop group #1 (9,500CM)


Is all that I've stated above correct? Or have I missed something? If so, please let me know.

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Shipyard slips are seperate from shipyards. If you wnat to build more than 1 ship per turn in a apop group then you will have to build a shipyardslip for each ship you expect to be worked on. You don't assign shipyards to slips as it is a common pool in the pop group.


If you have 200 shipyards you can build 2,000,000 tons of shipping per turn. If you have a single shipyard slip then you will be able to work on a single ship no matter what size.


If you have 10 Shipyard slips then you will be able to work on 10 ships per turn until you run out of shipyard capacity.


The exception to this is that you can always build 1 ship at a time even without a shipyard slip as long as you have shipyards. So if you want to build a ship at a colony or neutral you only have to build slips if you want more than 1 ship at a time.


I should also point out that scrapping ships uses up slots just the same as building new ones.


So, your example is essentially correct. :)


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