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Aside from overloading the fuel tanks, I have noticed that I can SKIM when over planets other than Gas Giants and have done this when I think I should have been out of AP's anyway. This seemed to occur as I RN'd some high AP ships into a fleet with lower AP ships. As a result I SKIMmed twice over a terrestrial planet for the benefit of 2800 fuel.



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Gas Giants are very efficient, so they are still the best way to go. You could skim at your homeworld as well to build up extra stockpiles - if you have a gas giant in your home system, or at a system you would like to use as a forward refueling depot, gas giants are absolutely the way to go.

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Now that the air is clear about where you can skim for fuel it should be noted that the orders supplement is incorrect. The order is called Skim Gas Giant and within the order it specifically says that the mission will fail if you are not located over a gas giant.


Just one more little thing to fix. Just checking the 2.5 packet out. Somehow I missed it entirely and it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere either. ( the packet that is)

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