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Valkor Surrenders


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Sorry Clan Elder. In a short while. Peace offerings were sent to me by the affiliated alliance by the Boo. (seems they are paniced about me). I rejected the verbage and then Valkor surrendered. I'm sure the Boo are next. Must be the water they are drinking.


Lord Crow -


Please accept our total surrender. We apologize for having caused any troubles. We are your slaves.


Very weird communication.

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Lord Eternus -


Considering the number of times you have been provided erroneous information by your diplomatic corps (latest being who started the Valkor/Eyre war or that the colony was not being run by me) I find it suprising that you pipe up in this conversation especially since you were not party to any of the discussions and are not involved in the "peace" emails.


I would put on my :drunk: to reflect my confusion as to your comments but our Diplomatic minister is :(:P:P at the recent failure of the Galactic Senate although the good Captain himself is :thumbsup: because the investigation never got off the ground.



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I know who Valkor is. :thumbsup:


Failure in the Senate?


We simply did what you asked and then revoked the investigation because there were no grounds for a Senate inquiry.


The investigation should never have been an issue.


Of course, you knew this all along. :thumbsup:


You and Gary whined about getting an investigation underway when you knew that Valkor wasn't a member of the Senate from the get go, and sat back enjoying us argue on whether to accomodate you. In fact, we lost at least one member by accomodating your BS request. :P


If you want to call your games, a 'success' or 'Senate failure', go right ahead. We enacted a new Bylaw to counter it in the future.


As for the Laserwolf issue - I'll let Ken elaborate the deception involved there. I'm surprised you are defending the charge that Norm was deceptive with Ken as you only joined the PA this past summer. Heck, I don't think even Norm would defend himself along those lines :(


I never started the PA, by the way. Darrin, did. I attended the first meeting, explained why I couldn't join and was never heard from again. Norm and I had some pleasant exchanges for a long while, but nothing substantive. It was only after the direct deception with Ken and myself that I pulled the plug on the idea of working with the PA entirely and realized what type of gameplan you have installed. Sadly, you seem to be enjoying that style of play. :P


In any event - you or your alliance do not have a strong track record for playing an honest game.


But this really isn't a newsflash for anybody who has been here for over a year, hence: Galactic Surprised Face ---> :drunk: (or, insert Deadpan Smiley here)

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My hero, zero, said:

We thank the Boo for their dilligence and efforts and we, Lord Crow, Captain of the Tortuga Fleet, do accept the surrender of Valkor.


Hmmm, must’ve missed the ceremony…I hear tell it was a beautiful thing. Lots of finely dressed military officers with lots of fruit salad on their chests, I'm sure…superfluous speeches no doubt…and lots of claims by political opponents about what I knew before the war really began and if it really was WMD…I bet the treaty is just the groundwork for future hostilities though. The odds-makers are trying to figure out if they owe payouts based on unilateral talks...wait a minute...unilateral? How's that work, Erie?


You've been playing with your Mk 0 Hallucinator again, haven't you. Tsk, tsk...silly rabbit!


...so what are you blubbering about again?


--Valkor sends


(through 3rd party since embassy is long since closed and ambassador recalled)

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