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Diplomatic agreements.

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I was combing the rules for an order that would allow me to declare an enemy with no sucess.

It is becoming VERY important that our forces be allowed to be 'selective' in who we vaporize

and who we dont. Seems the ONLY order in the rules that allows you make any kind of agreement is the Diplomacy order and that one only works with non-player positions.


Any word on how much progress there is on this front?

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Yes it was added. Check the rule adendum thread locked above in this forum. (The Red text is now outdated.)





PAP (Political Action Proposal)


You can set any level of alliance you like with this order, which is used primarily to allow for complex Rules of Engagement fleet settings. You must have a diplomat-class Legendary Character located at the same place as a diplomat of the target empire (either on the same world or with co-located fleets). The level of alliance you choose is one-way: that is, you can indicated that you treat the other empire as an “alliance”, but he could do a PAP order and set a relationship with your empire as a “trade pact”. Both parties do not need to issue PAP orders at the same time. One could issue a PAP and the other does not ever have to reciprocate.


PAP, [Empire #], [Agreement]

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