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Ship Queue Priority


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The example in the Order Supplement indicates that ships with lower priority numbers are produced first; but, on this last turn, my ships were produced highest priority number first (my large ship soaking up all the available fuel, leaving the small ships with none).


Has this always been the case?



Actually we've never understood the building queue.....


Various permutations of priority numbers added still seem to result in the ship's coming out in odd orders.


I think it's to do with what happens when you build multiples.


It seems to work okay if you build them one at a time.


Mind you, we've never built one yet over more than one turn and/or not failed to build the entire queue in the turn, so we've not tried to insert in the queue.....


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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The ship build priority number bit has been broken since turn 1, about 2 years now.


It would be nice if RTG used something like the open source Bugzilla http://www.bugzilla.org/ where people could report bugs and track their progress. One of the nice features of Bugzilla is allowing "users" to vote on which bugs bug them the most. Then the "developer" can take that in to account when deciding which bugs to address next. SN3 is basically a software development project.


Looking from the outside it would seem a simple thing to fix. Sort ships in the queue by priority number and build in that order until slips or shipyard capacity runs out.

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