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Ur Lord Tedric

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The commander of the Apache class corvette studied the sensor readouts carefully. The eddies from the strangers transit through the warp point at which they had been stationed for the past few cycles had now dissipated and the ship was revealed….


The Apostle II class fleet scout out-massed the Apache by nearly double, but hopefully the Jump Survey Sensor that the ship probably mounted consumed a lot of that tonnage. The sigils of the Grayson Protectorate - #1626 were revealed. This meeting had been forewarned and the commander awaited the outcome.


Allies in the Quincunx Star Region had been plagued by this rogue empire, that acted more like the Masadans of legend and not the glorious ‘honor’ attached to the Grayson sagas, and the commander made sure his defences were ready and that the weapon stations were hot in the expectation that the newly arrived fleet would attack. Those other ships had been unarmed, but still attacked without warning or provocation. This time, the commander vowed that the fight would at least be contested.


But they lay there quiescent and non-moving. The commander eventually relaxed somewhat and turned to the communications station. He ordered the Omega Drone secured, as it seemed that it would not be needed this day. Instead he dictated a message to be sent back to the other ships of the 4th Survey Flotilla. After that, he waited to see whether this time, against all the odds, that the Grayson ship would respond………


Chief Scribe to Ur-Lord Tedric

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The heathen starship (Star League #4256) was at least observing the proper reverence: silence before a Ship-of -the-Word. Perhaps this species could be converted, or at least receptive. The irreverence of previous aliens at encounter had demanded immediate chastizment (though the faith of some unarmed believers had not proved sufficient against autocannon).


Archbishop Torqemada: Apparently, there is no need to summon 7th Fleet-of-the-Sword. You may open communications, Commander. Let me know of your progress. I will be in chapel.


Commander Mayhew: Yes, your Eminence.


A mere Grayson would never say more to one of the Chosen. Anything short of immediate obedience to a Masadan was very dangerous indeed, particularly with the Archbishop's Templar at his side. At least the actual communication with this alien had been tasked to the Commander....there was some hope for a less than explosive first encounter.....

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The ether roiled and the Grayson ship vanished from the view screen. The Commander had been aware that some diplomatic discourse had taken place and that he had been instructed to do nothing more than maintain vigilance unless further ships had entered through the warp point.


Unfortunately, even though the sensor readings were scanned diligently, there was no way of determining what had happened. Had the Grayson ship returned through the warp point having scanned it, or had it moved further in-system? Luckily this system was a Warp Nexus and so deliberately chosen as the most likely and safest place for the initial contact. Other ships from the 4th Survey Flotilla had been able to return to the system by now and thus the other warp points could be checked.


The Commander waited for some time before all the reports had been received, but realised subsequently that the results weren’t definitive. The Grayson ship could not be found in the system, but could possibly have moved to one of the other warp points, scanned it, and transited before the other patrols arrived. Or indeed had returned peacefully through the warp point as required under the terms of the diplomatic exchanges conducted so far.


Then a further report arrived. Once more the ‘Speaker for the Chosen’ had been in touch and the ‘Grayson’ approach remained ‘positive’ in the extreme. This was the first time the Star League had met religious zealots and they certainly had a robust view. It appeared from their words that they had indeed withdrawn their forces to the next system, which they then attempted to claim. Given that the Star League Cartographers had added this system some considerable time ago and that this was one of the disputed systems of our allies where the Grayson forces had operated so brutally in the past, it was obvious that further discussion would be necessary…….



Chief Scribe to Ur-Lord Tedric

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Well the HBOB are always willing to mediate, or just cater, as your needs may be.

We find the religious zealots really like their wine. :beer:


Have table and Keg, will travel. :cheers:



HO HO HO! :holiday:


Did you know Santa Claus is a member of HBOB? He's the minister in charge of Egg Nog. :santa:

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Archbishop Torquemada:

Sending a Speaker directly from the Chosen's small council is a rare and great honor for this "Star League". I wonder if these heathen have the comprehension to recognize this. I tell you in confidence I recommended against it. A more direct and physical approach is more easily understood.


Commander Mayhew:

Your Eminence. The small council is wise.


Archbishop Torquemada:

Meaning I am not? Take care, Grayson.....

Regardless, their claims on more and more systems in this sector reveals the heathen's true intent. Thank the Tester that they have shown this avarice early.

I see the Speaker's shuttle is returning. I go to meet him; let us see where these negotiations are leading now....perhaps the Speaker will now see things my way.


Commander Mayhew returned to his command chair as the Archbishop left the bridge. It felt good to twist the high and mighty's tail and get away with it. Unfortunately, Torquemada was correct on the alien's claims on all these systems....it was a lot to allow them to take, no matter how high their potential for conversion. They did speak most reasonably, but their desires were indeed great. Even a mere Grayson commander could see that.

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