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Battle System Problem?

The Boo Consulate

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Pete and Russ


The battle report of the fight between the Go'ald and the Romans has sparked a bit of debate off-forum and I think we need some guidence from you guys. It appears that the Go'ald Mothership was crippled after its first battle and then quickly "repaired" itself for the next fight a pulse or two thereafter. I was under the impression that damaged ships took a while to repair themselves. Am I wrong?


This is VERY importantant. If the program is broken we need to know and I dare say it needs to be fixed. If I am just ill informed, I reckon we need to know this as well. Fast ships make mutiple battles in one turn inevitable. If damage is not carried over from one pulse to another then realism has taken a terrible blow.



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As I mentioned in another thread, I saw my Vindicator Battleship display "Medium" Damage at the end of a warp battle. Two turns later, after a battle with three corvettes, it displayed "Light" Damage. The very next turn, after a battle with three more Corvettes, it displayed "Medium" damage (and I can promise you those corvettes could not have pierced the shields of the Battleship).


I get the feeling that how the system determines the level of damage for reporting on a ship is either broken, or, throwing in some random values (so you never know the exact damage).

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I certainly wouldn't mind some descriptive randomness, but what I would be horrified to find out is that a ship can go from "Crippled" to completely fine in just the course of a couple of in-turn order pulses.


Not every game is perfect and in one such as this not everything can be fully tested. If there's a potential problem, then it needs to be checked carefully and fixed urgently.


I must admit, if this one is true, however, then even a pause in the game would be quite reasonable to fix it - and the protaganists compensated/adjusted if necessary.


BTW - if a Star Cruiser sized ship of current technology levels can go from "Medium Damage" to showing nothing at all even between turns, then ship damage and the need for repair is something we can forget about entirely....... :)


Mx (OOC and a bit concerned)

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This is troubling. If the Romans are an active position, they deserve to have this investigated.


This is an example of why details like damage status should be clearly shown. Players need to trust the combat system. Any bugs must be found ASAP and squashed.

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Lord Boo -


You are misinformed and your comments are inaccurate. We will leave it at that since your "off board" conversations most likely have been between yourself and your allies of whom one of them has declared war against me.


We do apologize for the Valkor ship that was destroyed. We understand that they are at war with the Eyre and that we are allied with the Eyre but we are unclear if we are at war with Valkor.


To make it clear:


We declare war on Valkor. Makes it simple.

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Ah - that ship was damaged for whatever battles it might have been involved in, and it takes that into account when figuring battle firepower and so on. There's a reporting bug that pops up when an already-damaged ship is involved - it doesn't always show that damage word properly at the end. I put in a flag to notify me when such a ship gets damaged again, so if it got hurt and didn't change in damage status then I missed it. If we're talking about the same battle, the ship did display correctly as Critical at the end of the battle (because the flag notified me and I changed it to reflect the actual damage points).


Note that the weapon output and other figures always show up in an undamaged state, regardless of actual damage.


As part of the general combat reporting pass, I'm looking into why it doesn't display that damage word correctly.

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Is there any reason, other than keeping it a secret, to not show actual fire power rather than design firepower?

We must admit we are quite happy to see the 'as designed' firepower as this allows us to work out some things about the 'enemy' ship.


If the true figure were shown for just a damaged ship, then we wouldn't know where we were.


However, if a simple '%' damage figure were shown then we'd be able to apply it to all the figures.


As the subject has come up again, could we re-plea for some way to be able to see that damage in the turn report where the fleet listing is and have a method whereby we can actually get at those damaged ships in order to be able to RN them away and do something with them?


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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