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Convoy question


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Once you set up a convoy run, it will run automatically. there is no need to issue an order for the

convoy to run . The truth is there isnt one. :D


And the really cool thing about convoys is that your fleet will 'remember' where it left off if it

doesnt finish the route in 1 turn and will continue with the route from the point where is ran out

of AP's.


That why transwarp drives and higher tech engines are sooo soooo useful. you could set up colonies several jumps from your HW to bring in resources to run your industry assuming of course you find quality colony worlds.

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Think of a Convoy as a set of prescheduled orders.

All you need to do is issue a CONV order to a fleet. The fleet will then begin to execute the orders in the Convoy at whatever priority order is next.

That is, if you Issue the order, 'CONV, FLEET 101, COLONY1 CONVOY, 0'

then Fleet 101 will execute the first convoy route order after priority #0, and then keep going up to the limit of it's action points. Next turn, it will pick up where it left off. :D

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Convoy routes are a great tool. They save a lot of time in writing orders but you need to use them carefully. They are sequenced after Regular orders and standing orders but before power is generated and production is run.


When you set them up, do not forget to start and stop them with CNVR orders or all legal convoy orders following the first CNVR order will be included from that turn. I have heard of others who made this error and regretted it. (Fortunately for me I have not made this mistake YET.)


I had some trepidation in setting up my first convoy because of that but if I have found that if I keep what I stated above in mind, these are a really powerful tool for running my empire. :D

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And to avoid forgetting the second CNVR, I always create the convoy routes at the end of my order sheet (high priority orders), so there is nothing left at the end to be accidentally included.

That was my thought, too,.


But to my surprise, the valid standing orders and I think the other executed convoyroutes were also included in the new convoy route!


Lukily Pete fixed that for me.



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