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Here is the ANZ for MK II Matter Transporters <_<


Good Cheer,

Rick McFarland


Mk II Matter Transporter: Mk II Matter Transporter represents the second of a series of horizon technologies that your scientists theorize could lead to long range movement of matter. This technology does nothing in of itself and cannot be constructed for any practical uses, but instead is a prerequisite for future techs. Simple prototype Mk II Matter Transporters used under laboratory conditions have on occasion moved some atoms a few meters across a room. Your researchers are pleased that they have made a lot of progress in this field, but their superiors are decidedly irritated that nothing practical has been developed as of yet. Considerable pressure is thus placed on your scientists to come up with something

useful in this otherwise very exciting concept.


Classification: Colonial Berthing

This Item cannot be manufactured, and is either a ground combat upgrade or a prerequisite for other technologies

Prerequisite Technologies: Mk I Matter Transporter

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That sure is funny!!! Whats interesting to note is the classifcation of the techology as Colonial Berthing. Perhaps it will be possible in the far future to 'transport' entire populations to colony worlds eliminating the need for starships to accomplish this task. Sound to me like a MASSIVE

amount of SRP's will have to be spent. Oh and I might add... mighty good of you to share this info Rick!.


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Just a quick comment. The MK II Matter Trans is thanks to the Phoenix Arisen Alliance as a group and myself strictly as a humble representative.


Thanks should go to the PA folks as a whole!


Good Cheer,


Minister At Large, Phoenix Arisen

(yea I know, I don't post enough so I forget to add the flag)

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