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Don't tell me your brulots be bilged on her anchor!


Or does HBOB still have ye loaded to the gunwhales!


Or have yer oldcoats been strikin the colors to the Senate police?


Speak up ya messdeck lawyers....when is it time for ye to go on the account once more?




PS = this post had nothing to do with an impulse to use the Pirate icons

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GROG is the best rum, at least originally, GROG is actually an acronym G.R.O.G. (Georgius Rex Old Grenada) that stood for Rum reserved for the King George III and his court. :beer: Needless to say, there were many a pirate that liked to hijack the kings rum!! :P:beer:


ps I have a couple of bottles in the cabinet from my trip to Grenada a few years back. Got to tour a rum distillery and they gave out free samples..... nice little island! :beer:

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i had a rurouni kenshin avatar once...


coolest anime i know...


and i loved how they were historically accurate with the meiji restoration and such...


i wonder if we can do more clickables than whats offered....









edit: nope didn't work =P

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