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Scrapping Installations


Which installation could you live without for 10 turns?  

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Anyone that has taken this approach could actually benefit immensely in the long run if you concentrate entirely on exploration for 10 turns and build nothing except Mk II Jump Sensor Explorers (When researched). How about for 20 turns or 30 turns. You wouldn't really be in danger of losing your homeworld if you station a ship at the warp points to get a turn warning. At least this early anyway.

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Not sure I see huge advantages in this - the top 4 only save 500 construction materials per turn. Yeah, maybe fortresses and shipyards can be dismantled and reassembled as required, but do you really need the CMs that badly - after all this will take extra orders and will cost extra $.


You would give your mining a massive boost by changing all your ICs into mines, but you still need to make something useful out of all those raw materials at some point (then I suppose you change all the mines back to ICs and set up your production queue to make whatever you want!) Playing the game this way will maximise your resource extraction and production, but I'm sure it will play havoc with your production queue and your standing orders!


Personally I prefer letting the economy chugg along, with the minimum of disruption per turn - this saves on the orders! :angry:

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I don't see that you benefit much from stockpiling raw materials. I do see that great huge stockpiles of basic materials like iron, crystals etc.. could come in very handy. I know several people that have taken this approach and it is ceratinly vialble. Especially since you aren't likely to run into anybody for the first 10 turns or so ( it's been 21 turns for me and still nothing). The drawback here is that by building transports and freighters You can have a colony of 1000 pop and be mining 500,000 tons worth of stuff if you start on turn 2 building ships.


Standard discalimers apply regarding colony suitability and resource potentials. :angry:

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I agree with hobknob on that one....different options are available, but I went the route of using my production for colonizing and I've done fairly well, I think--especially considering I didn't have hardly any saved setup points and did not know the route to the things that would help me colonize better. I like to think that every turn producing a colonizer is another turn that I'm making a lot more minerals off-world.



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Yup, horses for courses. Most don't get you many extra CM to play with. The real issue is how you decide to set up your production. I still have 3 Pop Gps active, so there's 500,000 CM I'm 'wasting' on Transportation Centres.


BTW - the Fortress isn't an installation - it's a military 'division' unit, and it can't be dismantled. Haven't got one yet, but it's planned! :huh:


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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