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This is obviously a question for Pete (after turns are done), but thought I'd post here for all, AND, I apologize up front if this has already been covered.

Example: Nations A and B are at war with Nation C.

All fleets are set on shoot to kill.

Allies A and B are sitting at a WP when C comes through it.


Question: 1)Do A and B both fight C at the same time? or does one fight and then the other?


Example: Same nations, but A moves to a planet and encounters C and a fight ensues, on the next 'impulse' B moves to the same location.


Question: 2) Assuming a lenghty battle between A and C, will B be able to join the fight? or will the battle conclude and then B gets to fight if C survives?


I know how it should work, but want to know how the game handles it.

Thanks in advance.

Sabeli Ecok :cheers:

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All empires at a given location will fight in the same battle. Depending on your ROE's you will be divided up onto 2 sides and then the battle will start. for purposes of the battle you will have a single force on each side of the battle, however each position will follow its own battle plan. If you are defending you may also have numerous fleets each with its own battel plan as well as multiple empires. If you are attacking then you will only have one fleet per attacker ( since only one fleet will move per order ).


the sequence of who fights who is directly tied to the order sequence. If you have forces trickling in over several orders you may trigger several battles as long as there are 2 sides.


In your example #2 the battle between A and C would be conluded before B arrived. When B rrived another battle could be triggered as ong as there were any forces of side C left to fight.


Pete has also mentioned in other responses that it is possible for a force to opt out of battle depending on the ROE's in play. This is supposed to be rare I gather. It is also possible for enemy forces to ignore one another completely. Agian , this is very rare but it does happen on occasion.


Hope that helps.



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You have it correct - there is no limit to the number of empires that could conceivably be involved in a single battle at the same time. It is also possible for multiple attacking empires to be involved in the same battle. Potential battles are triggered during the execution of a particular order pulse, but the battle itself is not adjudicated until the end of that pulse. Thus, two or more empires could send fleets through a warp point (for instance) on the same orders pulse. The first one through might trigger a battle with a defender on the other side, but the battle would not actually be adjudicated until later. After every empire had a chance to execute its order for that pulse in the processing sequence, battles are resolved. In this case several empires could come through a warp point and be involved in a battle as a combined force :cheers:

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Don't forget the combined fleet combines everything... Fire Control ratings, defensive bonuses, etc. (Pete, what about leader bonuses? Do leaders from multiple Empires stack?)


If your ally has seriously lower (or higher) ratings than your own it will drag the combined fleet's average rating lower (or higher).


If you are able to coordinate effectively with another Empire you could make some potent 'Combined Arms' fleets. :cheers:




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If you are conducting joint ops with a neighbor/ally of lesser tech or ability it will drag down some of the ratings of your higher tech fleet. So, it is wise to coordinate your builds and refrain from going to war with obsolete components.



The leader question was recently addressed that all leaders have some effect with the highest on a side being counted as the main leader.



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