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Pulse engines.

Lord Uriel

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I have been in combat with fighters and I have developed different levels of pulse engines from low level to high level and also with out any. So far I have not seen any appreciable difference in combats, however, current battle reports don't say anything about fighters except the numbers you start with so there is no way to tell. This may be one of the enhancements that Pete is working on for the tooled up combat report.



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It is indeed one of those enhancements. Pete hinted to this when he mentioned how CIDS will work against fighters. If the fighters are equiipped wth manuver engines that are better in

quality then the CIDS they are facing then the CIDS may not be a effective. of course like Hobknob mentioned there is really no way to tell whats going one with those pesky fighters

as all we get is before and after.

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