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It was really unrealistic to expect that they were going to hit a 5 minute launch window.


True enough - if it isn't the weather there are a lot of other little things that can pop up to cause trouble. Looks like it will be a few days delay minimum based on the last news I heard so we'll just have to wait a little longer.



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Nice to see the shuttle back in business!


I think I said that a little too quickly. Hopefully they'll fix any problems with the fleet. :D


The good news is that they had a back up plan in case of this situation. I, too, hope that they are successful in making repairs and can return safely to us. I am confident that they will.



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NASA has an amazing brain trust and has a deep respect for being thourough in usual cases so I am sure they together with the skilled crew will find a way for the mission to end safely but I'll send a quick prayer and ask St Christopher to keep his eye on them for they are surely travellers far from home.



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