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Guess whos returning to a galaxy near u?


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Welcome back Athonian. Are we going to get more bizarre "Finals" humor or maybe some wierd music videos. :huh:


Welcome back Athonian.  You gonna do start up any of your famous polls?  You starting a new empire?


Hey, what's up with the Michigan crack?  It's not like we we are "Buckeyes" (or god forbid, "Hoosiers") even.


"Michigan" Steve


Geez and I thought the Mackinac Straits was the "Michigan" crack. I didn't know there were others. :jawdrop:

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Nothing against Michigan really, but I am a huge Ohio State fan, born there and raised in northern Indiana. and I knew Athonian was at Michigan from some other post he had.

I actually was hoping Michigan would have won its bowl game to support the Big Ten. errrr Eleven. :jawdrop:

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