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What can I spend my SRPs on


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4th Generation is correct, but 1st Generation definition is flawed.


1st Gen are the items that cost 3 RCs

2nd Gen are the items that cost 12 RCs

3rd Gen are the items that cost 27 RCs

4th Gen are the items that cost you 48 RCs


Thats how I do understood it.

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OK, I'm confused, did the christmas gift become active this turn or is it next turn?



Seemed to be activated this turn.


Definitely active this turn. However, to activate it you must issue a SRP order. Then points will be spent on whatever is in Slot 1 assuming that it is 4th Generation or less. :robot:

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My empires enjoyed the fruits of the SRP gift, despite no research orders for either empire last scycle. Not as advertised, but in one case it saved an order and in the other it accelerated much needed 'defensive' technology. (A good offense is a good defense, so to speak.) :D



If your Santa points were expended without you issuing an SRP order, it means you had positive saved points left over already, and the new points were added to those and spent normally.


The Santa gift of 48 bonus saved lifeform points will be added to your imperial records at the conclusion of this turn. If you have some points already saved, the 48 will simply be added to that total and used normally. If you have none saved, or have already exhausted all of your saved points, the 48 points will be added and flagged just like the original saved points. In this case they will not be triggered for use unless you execute an SRP order next turn. This was done because some players who miss the turn or otherwise don't submit an SRP order might not want the 48 points spent on whatever happens to be in their slot 1 Research Center next turn. Thus, if you have no saved points left over and do not submit an SRP order next turn, you will still have the 48 points saved - they will be triggered and used the first time you submit an SRP order (just like on the original setup).

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