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T'Aleen Empire

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:cheers: Sitting around and talking to a bunch of other SuperNova players about how they play the game and why they do what they do. Now wanting to hear what others think, and share some I felt like talking about it here on the public forum.



:thumbsup: Ok for me I run two empirers and follow two different gameplans. For the older empire T'Aleen Empire I am a explorer and have left my HW system in hopes to search the stars for other life. Now due to tech issues (lack of higher level JSS versions) I have had to explore some systems and skip some WPs. Now after gaining higher version of the JSS, I have gone back and mapped out the by-passed WPs and travelled on. For me I usually run this empire with 60 or 90 orders per turn and have a few times actually used 120. Now this empire has set up some colonies on prime colony worlds, and has kept ever slowly keep pushing ever outward. I am mostly about 5 systems out and have mapped almost all WPs and getting completed data of all orbits as well. I do intend to continue the exploration in hopes of one day finding SOMEONE :cheers: out there!!! Now this empire is in the gallatic core and yes it started on turn #0.


:cheers: Now I have a 2nd empire as well that is like 6 turns old, and I plan to take the approach of waiting in my HW system to obtain needed tech to truely be able to explore space in a effective way. The best way is to selectively using SRPs and through slot#1 bonus tech buys obtain needed tech for tech tree that allow me to do what I want to do, and to best manage the other 24 RC to obtained tech to support the slot #1 bonus buys. Making this empire a rounded empire, with the best tech to do the jobs I want them to do. Now for this empire along about turn 15 or so it will step out in a big way and truly be able to effectly explore and expand it's own star charts and etc. To Bravely Go Where NO ONE has gone BEFORE! :thumbsup: Now with this empire I now can run it with either 30 or 60 orders and plan on doing that until I jump out of my HW system.


So with that said what are the rest of you thinking about or doing?


Tell us... :D



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The Everlasting Spawn is in a position VERY silimar to your first position and is also a turn #0 position. Believe me, if I could do some things over, I would :D Its nice to see all that space and I'm certain we'll find somebody eventually. I'm a fan of the Galactic Directory (I shuddered at the idea months ago) Who cares if people know my systems? At this rate I'll have a minimum of two months to prepare for 'em under current technology. Believe me - Its HARD to plan a war fleet for extended operations beyond five systems. It also gives me 5 turns to develop tech and counter the fleet I detect at the perimeter even if you head straight for me.


Defender has a TREMENDOUS advantage at this stage of the game.


Which leads me to the strategy of my second position.


The Beulah Trading Company hasn't explored much territory (as you can see by looking at the Galactic Directory as I've listed EVERY system I've encountered there including my homeworld)


The strategy for my second position is this:


1) Focus on Goods (will have every Improved Good tomorrow - already have Improved Heavy Machinery, too)


2) Publish my sytems to encourage contact and establish trade


3) Maintain perimeter defense one system out from homeworld


4) Await tech breakthroughs (I'll have Mk III JSS, and NE *in production* for next turn)


5) SLOWLY spread out - maxing out one colony at a time




Basically - focus on efficiency. Its clear that we are in no immediate danger of extinction for the first year of the game. The drawback in being a tech-hoarding turtle is not having mapped more of the galaxy....but....whats the use if you arent really ready to sail the stars anyway?


However - mapping everything has a consequence. Its one thing to map and survey everything....its another thing to move fleets 4-5-6-7 systems out in every which direction to set up perimeter fleets and colonies.....TREMENDOUS amount of work goes into fuel planning and order allocation (especially RN/NEWF.) You can't run an empire expecting to accomplish everything with just 1-2 turn sheets once you are spread out with colonies in my opinion. Although, I'm guessing that some order trimming may take place in the future.






Someone asked me the other day if I thought there might be masive war fleets roaming around looking for a fight.


Chances are SLIM IMHO; and if I'm wrong...I'm not afraid.


Imagine exporing with a large Light Drone Fleet with several other warships and maybe 10 troops along for the ride. First of all - the technology would most likely be MkI-II at this point....nothing too frightening there.


Second, imagine the FUEL costs


Third, that big ol fleet might warp into a dead end with the only way out being a Class F or higher warp point! LOL


Fourth, once its wiped, look what you gave up in terms of orders and resources.




Actually, as I write that - I HOPE there is a big bad fleet out there. I think that would add some excitment to the game provided the fleet got lucky and pounded on some unsuspecting sap.




We shall see. The game still carries much intrigue for me. Its slower than I expected but I'm enjoying it more and more. I also have some ideas on how we might speed up the whole warping process down the line but its all guesswork at this point.


what I like the most so far -- there isnt ONE way to play the game.


Another thing I like about the game - a turn #0 empire des not have a tremendous advantage over someone who just started the game given the pace of technology and the distance between empires. Turn #0 empires still have to make tech choices and we CANT do it all. We cant!


Tough choices have to made along the way.


I try to explain this to newer players who sense some sort of unfair advantage or loophole in the game....thinking that if you mess up one step, you'll fall behind etc....no way. If you play steady and keep your production up to par, you'll be fine. A few minor mistakes or glitches happen to EVERYONE. I just don't see where one strategy is >>>>>>>> than another. With that said, you CAN gimp yourself but I think you have to work hard at it.


If I could afford another position or two I'd do it...just to change my strategies even more. Who knows....maybe build that massive Mk I pirate fleet and just go knocking around until I find someone's colony with under 1000 pop and fifteen turns worth of infrastructure investment and raze it all to hell :cheers:

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I think I have to agree with most all of the above with a single exception. A new position today will likely outpace an existing position that started on turn 0. Given the amount we have all learned about tech and lifeform design most folks have found something they would have rather done. I would love to afford a few more position sto explore the variety of ways to play and succeed.




Ah, well... it's only money :ph34r:

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I started on Turn #1 and the Boo are in the Core as well. The Boo are primarily map makers and archeologists. My gig is just to explore and meet other races. At the end of the day it is the politics and in-game player interaction that keeps me shelling out the bucks (even if most of it is only hypothetical at this point).


I am VERY eager to run in to somebody else!

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I started on Turn #1 and the Boo are in the Core as well. The Boo are primarily map makers and archeologists. My gig is just to explore and meet other races. At the end of the day it is the politics and in-game player interaction that keeps me shelling out the bucks (even if most of it is only hypothetical at this point).


I am VERY eager to run in to somebody else!

The Chakkunut Brotherhood were intended as explorers, but have proven to be apt colonizers... While we seek to explore surrounding space, we also search for artifacts, lost civilizations... y'know, LOOT!!!

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The Scanners are out there to meet other races and peacefully co-exist, trade and learn from each other. And they hope to find allies with whom they can build an effective protection against malign races.


Scanners are quite able colonizers and hope to establish themselves around the galaxy.

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The Gosht Kohr are explorers first, and we too hope to meet and interact peacefully with other races. We do realize however that there are going to be skirmishes. While we hope these remain localized and are quickly resolved, the warrior-sisters look forward to proving their prowess in the hunt!


Perhaps a neutral system could be found, in which warriors of all races could prove their tactics and equipement without fear of repercussion?


This would also allow us to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of various technologies and the functionings of the battle system, but I digress.


We look forward to eating... er... meeting you all!



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I set up 3 empires originally to test three life-form types....Colonizer, Explorer, and Ground Combat Giant. I have since dropped 2 of those and set up a new empire to try a balanced race. The new race turned out with positive bonuses in every category...huge in exploration and special bonuses. I learned a lot from the other empires and hope to benefit from those mistakes on this new empire. I am also hoping that Pete and Russ have heard the cry of players and made the outer rim empires closer together.


My strategy has always been to increase production every turn. I build some stripmines every turn and power stations when needed to keep increasing my output. Colonies are only started on worlds with hydro/geo power and huge yeilds...and even then only just to stockpile those resources for transport back to the homeworld. Build Build and Build some more.....outproduce your neighbors. This is key to my way of thinking. I don't really see the advantage of conquering someone any time soon. Trade is a long way off too. So I just build build build.

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