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Will SNROTE run on my PC?

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I have a Pentium 700 Mhz

128 Mb ram and Windows 98

and a 56K baud modem


Will SNROTE run probably?


How large are the Turn-reports when you download? will it take forever with a 56k.modem?


Are their any special problems I should be aware off or is it just download the turn-editor and viewer and then contact RTG-games with money, set-up and email-adress and then I am ready to go?



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You should be able to run the entry program software without any trouble. You'll need an Adobe PDF viewer (for turn results) if you don't already have that ability (and they are available on a wide range of platforms - no cost).


We can also zip compress both turn results and data file for you as well (the turn results PDF doesn't compress much but the data file does and sometimes your software will fuss if a .MDB file is received as an attachment). If you can handle .zip files, it is generally worth it to have us toggle that setting for you.


Our company site Rolling Thunder Games has a Company Info and Policy page which will address any administrative questions you may have (and you can always contact me for questions on that as well).


Take care & good gaming!




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>> I have a Pentium 700 Mhz, 128 Mb ram and Windows 98, and a 56K baud modem. Will SNROTE run probably?

Almost 20 years ago!

But... If you are on a computer ad don't have admin rights... What is the best way to run the turn entry program?

Also, what are people on apple silicon macs using to run the SNROTE program these days?


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