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ground combat question


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They exist, and are implemented. No freebies from me on this. You have to be diligent and devote more than a few RC's to find them.


You should look around the form for some examples of ground combat that list equipment. For example, I believe one example had a player listing cruise missles and ICBM's on the equipment list. Also, you have to think like Pete on the R&D to figure out some of the paths. Why in the heck Mk II Short Range Sensors would lead to ground based EW items makes some sense if you can twist your mind enough. There are a lot of ... interesting ... connections like that in the R&D. Some pretty straight forward, others a bit more challenging.

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All TAC's are present and accounted for.


It is pretty easy to get to 80% of them but the last 20% are much more difficult and will require much research. The casual ground combat researcher will not be very likely to get all TAC areas covered, only the dedicated ground pounder.


Once you start getting involved in ground combat it becomes much easier to ferret out the pathways. I have found many clues in the spoils of war.


Enjoy. The hunt is much of the fun. :woohoo:



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Yes, all of them exist at least in the GGT arsenal. The trick is to think a bit out of the box sometimes with Petes tech trees...also make sure to read all combat postings on the boards, sometimes they do tell a bit more than they should :D




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