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So, I just started last turn and thought I should probably say hi on here, while I'm fidgeting and waiting on my 2nd turn. I just introduced the Kiyanan Republic to the galaxy... and should (eventually) bump into some of you somewhere out there. I'm sure I'll ask plenty of questions as I progress through the game, but the first thing I'd really like to ask is... does anyone feel generous enough to share a tech tree? :santa:


See you all out there.

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We can usually be persuaded to share information, for a price. Exclusive delivery contracts are a wonderful conducement.

Do your people consume alcohol? Perhaps we could arrange a sample shipment of mead to your homeworld.

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Indeed welcome! I'd say that you'll have no problems with finding people to share "getting started" information with you.


As the empires have expanded and tensions have filled some parts of the universe, access to information has become important... event strategic.


However, if you come in peace, welcome!



Clan Eldress

The Gosht Kohr

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Welcome and well met!


There used to be a file on here somewhere with the very earliest techs on a single page, either word doc or pdf. I don't think I still have the electronic version. If you can't find it, PM me with a fax number and we can let the telephone lines do their thing. I guess I could try scanning it, but not certain it will turn out as well as a fax. Your choice if you can't find it.


Otherwise, I think many people will freely share the early tech knowledge you ask for specifically. More advanced techs will require some quid pro quo.


Advice, recently stated elsewhere. Work towards Deep Core Surveyors!


Octus Imperium

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Welcome to the universe!


There is on the www.rollingthunder.com under playeraids a basic tech sheet that our alliance assembled some time ago.


General advice:


Work towards Nuclear Transwarp Drives before building serious explorer ships.

Work towards Deep Core Surveyors if you want to turtle.

Decide towards one weapon line that you wish to advance in, assuring yourself it goes all the way up to at least 9th generation.

You never go wrong with having force shields

You never go wrong with having armor

...all the rest rather depends on your playing style...


Ask away if you have any specific queries




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