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I've always thought the research hits are more important. The majority of the things found are fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things. IMHO. As a result, even those old pathfinders find a job doing XEXPLs over faraway planets. The only contact they have with home is the occasional HBOB ship coming by to fill them up... :D

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At the start, items are exciting. But pretty much all of the low tech items have been analysed now. Once you get some research under your belt, most of the stuff you find is too low tech and in too low quanties to be useful.

For example, this turn I found, among other things:-

67 Mk I Standard Missile

35 Space Mine Racks

4423 Improved Black Market Goods

66 Attack Fighters


None of these is going to make much impact on my empire.


Tech hits can be more useful. Of course, most tech hits are in things you'll probably never research, but some will come in handy eventually. Though it may take a little while before I can take advantage of my tech hit in Mk V Total Conversion Engine.

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I'm with Hobknob on this one. Early in the game, the item finds were useful. However, they quickly become less important than the "knowledge" finds. The most useless hits I have had, have been the very rare Warp Point hit that gives you a "free" Warp Point Survey of a [theoretically] near-by Warp Point. Mainly due to the fact that I have yet to connect any one of them to near-by systems. :D


(I'm not counting the Homeworld "You were once part of a great interstellar empire ..." discoveries as an EXPL hit at all, since everybody gets at least one and it really doesn't tell you anything vital.)


The upside of the random bits of interstellar flotsam and jetsom that I have found is that I can build oddball Defense Satellites and Ground Installations for my colonies without having to haul anything to the site.



-SK :D

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Here is the stuff that is currently on one of my exploration ships. If you have not found an item it is very interesting, but that interest fades some over time. It might be nice if there were a chance of finding a truly interesting item even if it is relatively high on the tech tree. Most folks would lose them because of cargo capacity issues, but it would make exploration more exciting.


I still recall the first time I found some Fusion Transwarp Drives, only to have them ditched for lack of cargo space. Ah.... those were the days. Now I would expect to find a flag bridge with the same result since even my exploration ships only have 1,000,000 cargo.


The scientific finds are very interesting, not because you get tech faster, but for the insight into the tech tree that they provide. Much can be learned from a serious exploration program.


1,921 Crystals

4,170 Advanced Black Market Goods

36 Light Fusion Bolt

4,694 Improved Plantfoods

9,584 Improved Pharmaceuticals

13,523 Improved Fuel

1,718 Improved Electronics

439 Hydrolithium Bomb

28 Fuel Shuttle

11 Medium ESAP Beam

557 Foodstuffs

13,444 Mineral Fertilizers

6,219 Consumer Goods

2 Colony Beacon

9,290 Black Market Goods

101 Battle Imaging System

14,798 Advanced Processed Radioactives

18,545 Advanced Plantfoods

11,304 Advanced Pharmaceuticals

16,247 Advanced Fuel

15,080 Advanced Foodstuffs

6,850 Fuel

37 Mk I Standoff Missile

18 Type B Science Lab

1,081 Telekinetic Rager

2,391 Steel

448 Primitive Artwork

1,198 Petroleum

10 Mk VI Jump Survey Sensor

102 Mk III Meson Screen

2 Mk II Pursuit Missile

1,919 Meat

36 Mk I Thermal Regulator

7 Type C ECM Package

5 Mk I Pursuit Missile

10 Mk I Mass Detector Sensor

1 Mk I Jump Survey Sensor

9 Mk I Heavy Torpedo

9 Mk I Heavy Missile

84 Mk I Fusion Engine

2 Mk I Force Shield

3 Mk I Energy Disruptor

3 Mk I Bombardment Missile

165 Mk II Long Range Sensor

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Your list of EXPL finds does outline one useful area of recovery - ESAP Weapons. Since the actually research into ESAP weapons requires your discovery of some elusive (some say fictional) energy sapper creature, EXPL is the only way to gather such a creature or the related weaponry. :D



-SK :D


I have one of these creatures, but he/it needs a breeding partner. Anyone got the better/other half? I think it's a he.....


He's cute, but really drains the antimatter power plants when he's 'on line'.


Oh, his static discharges are lethal. Gotta wear my rubber suit (no snide comments, please) when I interact with him. Carefully.



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I actually had one of those creatures also.....unfortunately , the palace staff thought he was supposed to be processed through the kitchen , and did so.....he made an excellent meal.....the kitchen staff , needless to say , was sacked.......


The peasants can think what they want but they should only do what you tell them, eh? :woohoo:



-SK :jawdrop:

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