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Enquiring minds want to know...


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...what happens when species of vastly different sizes meet?



EDIT: Grr, the pic looked fine when I previewed it. Bloody Angelfire.

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Did anyone stop to think that this might be a clever ploy to find out the technical advancements of the other Galatic members? :unsure:


What level of mental developement do you have when you can see pictures others can't? :blink: What research path do you take? :cheers: Is it a disciplined effort of more than one scientist? :cheers: How much effort is required to reach a breakthrough? :ranting:


This may be one tech tree I can really put some effort into. :beer::ranting:


My thanks, Krelnett of Kraan, for opening up this area for study! :cheers:

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Suspicious? Hardly; I just began looking for a higher purpose when I couldn't locate any images. :beer:


Then I realized 'drink more mead' maybe more than a rural Dr's good advice. :cheers:. What better way to see things that aren't there? :ranting: Following this thread may make the time between turns more productive. In that spirit, I promise to share any breakthroughs I achieve with this line of research. :cheers:

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If I were you, I would deploy the Mk I Ball of Yarn now....


Also, I couldn't see the image by clicking on the link. A friend had forwarded me the image in email. Seems to me there's nothing remotely "angelic" about angelfire.


Most noble feline,


Is this a distant relative of yours? Other than size, does not appear particularly fearsome. Looks can be deceiving..... :beer:


Shed some light about materials needed for said Mk I Ball of Yarn? Perhaps a use for Advanced Luxury Goods?



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