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New Years Resolutions

chairman lar

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After reading back thru 2008, I resolve:


1. To write better Limericks!

2. To not build any 'improved' or 'advanced' anything until I know how to use it!

3. To not gnash my teeth when reading the '7 Clans' and finding out how far behind I am!

4. To not gloat over others mistakes [Locklyn 'Turns' #2656; Breoghan 'Turns'#2658] then finding out I did the same thing!

5. To find someone who needs 'Ancient Orbital Solar Power Station, pitted & gutted by micrometeors' !


2008 is now behind,

for 2009 I hope to find

a better year

with lots more cheer;

and the same to you in kind!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR ONE AND ALL!!!! :santa::drunk::cheers::cheers::drunk::santa:

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Happy New Year to one and all. May you and yours find a better, warmer and safer 2009 and may it be a year of happiness for you and all those you love!




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