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Ground combat tactical ratings

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Newbie question for some of you old hands at this game. How do you find out the various tactical ratings of the different ground combat units? I found an old (2003) PDF player aid file, but it didn't go into detail as to what the unit tactical ratings were. ANZ the item doesn't work. Obviously it will be modified by the caracteristics of the race building them. Is the only way to find out is by trial and error in combat and getting your army swatted like a fly? Any thoughts on what a good army mix might be?

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A good mix is just that, a mix. You can issue TAC orders on individual armies to get their ratings, so if said army only contains one unit, you now have strength ratings for that unit. Cover all the bases at at least a 10:1 ratio over your opponent, and you're set.

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Remember though that if you do a TAC for an individual unit that has a rating in an area for which you have no technology, then this will not show, ie a unit with amphibious rating will shut up about this till you've built the damn boats :angry2:


Welcome to the game!



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Here is what you do. Build one unit of each ground division and place it into an army by itself. You then do a TAC on it. This will tell you which TAC areas that unit has strength in. You can then compare the rating you get with the relative strengths of the techs that are associated with that TAC area and come up with a % of total strength devoted to that TAC. for example.


Imperial Army Heavy Armor has 3 TAC areas associated with it: Anti-tank, Armor, Open Terrain.


So, if you have ground techs that cover all three of those areas then you will get a rating in each TAC area. the rating is just a number and does not take into consideration any lifeform characteristics or terrain factors.


Once you have done this you can also figure out rough %'s for each TAC area. For the above example they are 20, 70, 10. Except for Fortress', each unit has about 100% effectiveness.


As you complete ground techs they have strength ratings. The % of the TAC is what % of the ground tech strength will be added to your overall strength if you add a unit of that type. In this case you would add 70% of the rating for a ground tech with an "armor" strength.



Now you do this for all the different unit types and you get a pretty good picture of who does what. Initially you will have lots of odd results and holes in TAC coverage until you have researched tech in those TAC areas.


Once you have done a few of these you will also be able to figure out the basic formula for converting tech strength to ground strength. It is pretty straightforward if I recall.


good luck.


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