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EXPL/OC Priority Specification


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I have a plentitude of XEXPL fleets in my six colony systems plus my homeworld. Now my query is:


How do I put a specific OC in after each XEXPL as there is no way to specify a priority and deleting all those XEXPL and writing new XEXPL with XOCs would be horrendously expensive so how do I do it?


Worried Emperor Locklyn

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Yeah but I don't want to manually OC every turn to empty cargo space both from a cost point of view and from a work related one...:alien2:


Also if you have some smaller XEXPL fleets or got some really large finds then you have to OC them early in the turn before their XEXPL prio kicks in or you're wasted :cheers:



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What I meant was to put in a standing OC for the fleet to whatever pop group you want and be done with it. This will work fine this turn since the first standing order is done during the turn and will work reasonable well with 2 AP fleets. My problem is worse since my main exploration fleets are 10 AP doing 10 explores per fleet. It would really be nice if each standing order had a spot to indicate what priority you would like it to be. I have always wondered how the numbering was done anyway. It seems that all standing orders are numbered sequentially combining all empires orders. How else would an order get a priority in the 30000's?



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To allow for more control over your standing orders, I'm looking at some code on this issue: there is no "Delete Standing Order" order allowed now, but it is needed more than ever now with the new exploration results possibilities. A way to change the priorities of your standing orders would be nice as well, to allow for the sequencing of XEXPL and XOC orders, among other things.


Pete had this note in the Cargo Calculation thread. We are looking at some changes to the standing order system that will give you exact control over the execution priority of your standing orders.





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Ah, but still means we have to spend more orders getting them into sequence which is mucho dinero if you have a lot of XEXPL Fleets :cheers:


Could we please try and get some of the basic orders to handle more than one field like CON/DISM etc? So we could actually get more bang for our buck :alien2:


I liked the 40 order/turn but it was eaten up and then some by the new OC thingies for the EXPLoration fleets.


I spend around 18-24 dollars a turn on my GGT Empire and mainly because I have so darn many fleets that need to be moved around, surveying, positioning border defenses etc etc and I have trouble seeing it becoming cheaper in the future as the Empire grows. When you put that kind of money in your turn expectations also rise which is the cause of many a rants :cheers:


And still no other player found :unsure:



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Locklyn my friend-


It seems you and I are two of the last remaining (and probably most impatient) oldies who are still waiting for first contact :) Hang in there! The new changes/discoveries are quite encouraging.


With that said, here is my temporary solution to the EXPL situation (I presume you and I both have similar and obnoxious amounts of fleets doing EXPL orders over many worlds spread out all over the place)


My current plan:


1) Create one colony per system that will only operate as a drop off point

2) Add 25-50k Cargo Bays to existing EXPL fleets

3) Once cargo bays are full, drop off the cargo at the system colony and then resume EXPL

4) Create routes for ships with 200-500k Cargo Bays that will do a LC "ALL" from the drop off point and deliver it to the home system/build colony.




Why do I like this plan?


1) I dont have to streamline each and every exploration ship (saves me lets of orders...too much automation with variant EXPL finds seems a bad idea)


2) My exploration ship WONT find something EVERY turn....so why have it act like it will? I only move the ship when I NEED to.


3) There is ONE destination for the "Pick up" fleet to gather items from. A LC ALL will do the trick. I probably WONT make this a CONVR order simply because I want to preserve the flexibility. there may be times in a CONVR set up that it picks up crap I dont need right away...like 500,000 Raw Resources. Other times, I may have other fleets in the area that have room to add the cool uber finds right then and there....who knows?


Basic theory: The EXPL finds are RANDOM -- so I wont place a layer of order on top of it...flexibility is the key.

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