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#3965 Thoth Consortia

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Looks like the Thoth arent quite so leaderless after all. One of their Cruisers decided to mow down one of my explorers. tsk tsk for them. :) Thoth Consortia.. if you have access to this

comms channel be aware that you have declared war by your actions against our vessel and consequences will be quite severe.


The Bolar Federation

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Alien Fleet Sighting : XXXXX Warp Point # 82709 [warp move by empire # 3965] [Warp Point # 82709 is known to lead to the XXXXX system] THC Thoth Consortia # 3965 'Glowing Golden Sphere'

[Victor] S & R 4001 1 SCA WS Finder III (Strike Cruiser - 663,100 tons)



His Cruiser moved in with Victor orders several turns after our initial encounter and destroyed 1 of my explorers. It was destroyed this turn by one of my warships.

Unfortunately for him his initial technology seems to be significantly inferior to ours. he has opened the proverbial can of worms. ;)

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there is also the possibility that this could be a concerted effort to probe for my location and then take action. Why would the cruiser have Victor orders? Perhaps a bit paranoid on my part but its a possibility. In any event we are well prepared but unfortunately we have diverted our brightest

minds to develop even more hellish weapons then they already have. :) Our initial plans on colonizing will have to be put on hold for the time being.

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