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The Gremloid Society of Love is asking for memberships! We are a peace loving organization promoted to the well being of the Gremloid minorities in our empires. We repatriate them to their pocket dimension!


Come join! Be welcomed. The GSL welcomes you!



PS - Do not be confused by other GSL organizations. The Gremloid Society of Love is the only true GSL! We are the white hats! We wear the dreaded Spaceward Ho! bonnet.


PPS - We are respectfully looking for a joint friendship with the Homebrewers of space.

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We have a lens membrane similar to the human eye that is far more sensitive and dynamic than most (catalogued) photosynthetic species. In fact, we have several methods of reciving and processing light - which facilitate our incredible reproductive rates and to a large extent, our amazing regenerative abilites.


Our ability to manipulate light is our strength and also grants us resiliency in all of our colonization efforts.


As we say: Duo Nertoi Ferii or "two photons are a feast"


Thus, we actually do "cry" in the familiar form of the word. We have saline sacs near our membranic lenses that act very silimar to tear ducts of the human species.


However, the saying: "makes baby sunflower cry" is an expression oft used as a satiric response to the morose. :blink:

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