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Random Idea - 2nd Dimension in Super Nova :)


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Hi :)


Random idea I was having...


Wouldn't it be cool if you could build a one way gate that linked to a second dimension.... say maybe 20 interlinked systems separate from our current galaxy with lots of planets etc. Once ships are sent through though they cannot come back.


Now anyone can build a gate to this area of space and can send what they want, ships sent through appear at random in different locations within the second dimension...


It would give the opportunity for empires which haven't met to fight out, you could form alliances etc within the new dimension...


just an idea... :)

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i think that would be an awesome way for pete and russ to spread out and for us players to group up. if it was made like the setups. everyone who jumps on june 5th will be close. :) cool idea. what do you think pete?

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Only trouble would be that only the strongest could confidently send their fleets across - any of the lesser positions from 2 year olds and upwards to the edges of the core players level would be at a definite disadvantage I'd have thought, both from numbers capability and quality of ships etc. Any positions under two years would simply be target practice for everyone else.

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Yes but it allows u to become friends with the old players and interact with them. U could send colonist through and start a world there. Heck even move everything there and just leave the old demention behind. It is definately something u wouldnt want to do rashly. Lots of planning and allies if you are new. :)

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exactly, totally voluntary and only to promote interaction, also remember its one way, you send your 20 billion tons of ships to the second dimension and they aint coming back leaving your core worlds vulnerable....



I actually think it would be easy to implement (though Im no programmer so apologies Pete if I oversimplfiy :)

Would just need 3 actions:


1) Create a cluster of systems that is not linked to the main map, as a suggestion I was thinknig 20 systems, each with maybe 5 warp links, the centre 5 are nexus, the 15 surrounding systems have on average 10 planets, that gives over a 100 warp points and 150 Planets so 250 locations in total.


2) As Highwayman suggests maybe each turn everyone will start from the same random location so maybe Pete creates a list known only by pete of the 250+ locations in random order, each turn he updated what will be the starting location for that turn.


3) Then all we need is an order that when issued moves that fleet to the starting location and clears the AP down to zero so cant take any further actions that turn. techincally ships already within the hyper space area could use the hyper jump order but all they would do is move to the new starting location for that turn.


Certain restrictions would need to be put in such as ICE could not be transferred over and Gates have a 100% loss rate between normal space and the hyperspace area.


However it would give alot of cool opportunities, give players the chance to be in combat test things out allow alot more interaction.

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Personally, I'm not convinced. But then again, given my doubts on the matter, I obviously wouldn't take part in such a thing so it wouldn't affect me - always assuming the suggestion got off the ground.

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I sense the REAL goal or desire in this thread is to have a variant of the game where you can have one on one combat with an opponet in a virtual arena type setting.



How about a standalone game using this format:


You would be given $1,000,000 credits to buy technology levels set at diferent prices and so many tons of Raw materials at some set price


You proceed to build a fleet and on turn 6 battle begins in the nuetral star system located between the two opponets.



Bragging rights goes to the winner! All the fun WITHOUT the burden of running an economy and exploring a vast sea of boring star systems.

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I do see what you're saying, but the game of Supernova is about the long haul rather than smash and grab, each and every turn. The battles you are talking about.... all that you would get from the SNROTE platform is an end analysis of what you had, what the other guy had and an end result. You wouldn't really get useful information about ship design for combat if your version was about starting from scratch with set resources - Supernova advanced designs take YEARS of development. And if you allow the players to use their own tech levels to produce the goods then my former comment effectively restricting these side-show battles to advanced players only would still apply for the most part.


Believe it or not, I'm not giving grief over the idea. I'm pretty sure that I too wrote down an idea, just for the sake of speculation some time way back when... Nothing wrong with that at all. I'm just saying that a LOT more thought would have to go into this to make it work (presupposing that Pete would have the time to deal with the design and development, not to mention the running of these side-show battles).

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Though I like the idea of a gladiatorial type setting, I do not think the structure of this game is suited for that.


The aspects/outcome of space battles in the game as it is, is as much a function of stragegy, logistics, and production as anything else. It's not just the decisions you make on how to design your ship. Success involves a host of other factors:


-When/where to attack

-When/where to defend

-Who you make enemies with

-Who you ally with

-Racial design

-Ground combat

-How do you get your war fleet to the ememy

-How far away is the enemy

-Fuel and fuel tankage

-AP needed

-etc., etc.


To give everyone the same starting money/resources/whatever to design a ship would in essence strip away all of these other factors that are otherwise so vital to being successful in this game.


Going along with this line of thought, but even more significant (and this is the biggest draw back), is that there just aren't enough variables in the combat system for a tactical, one on one type of combat. Pete has always said that the combat system is really more strategic than tactical. Gladiator style combat is approaching pure tactics, which this game was not designed for.


In my opinion, for this to be a worthwhile venture, you would have to have a combat system that is much more varied than the one we have. For starters, there would need to be SIGNIFICANT differences between the weapon systems. Right now, the only difference is the name, the required defense to counter it, and a smattering of range thrown in. So basically, the winner would likely come down to who guessed right with a specific defense. That would get VERY boring in short order. Short of someone being a complete idiot, were basically talking about a coin toss.


For a gladiatorial style combat to work, we would need the weapons to actually work very differently from each other. Stuff like armor penetrating, shield penetrating, crew incapacitating, energy draining, ammo based, energy based, etc. Then you would actually need to have crew members that could be killed or incapacitated, crew that could combat boarding parties, fighter pilots, damage control teams, etc. You would also need a ship design system that actually generated power for energy based weapons, and ALL of the ammo based systems would need to have ammo available for reloads, not just the fighters and drones. All missile systems and projectile systems would need a supply of ammo. I could go on and on with examples but I'm sure you get the idea.


A tactical/gladiatorial style arena, without a vast overhaul of the combat system, just wouldn't hold my interest. It sounds great, and in theory is really cool. However, with the combat system as it is (much more strategic in nature than tactical) I would bet that it would get really boring really quick.

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I tend to agree that the game system is not a terribly "fun" tactical combat game of ship to ship combat. Perhaps what I should have said is what we might really crave is a "combat simulator" so we can test various weapon and defensive sytems in combat so we can better prepare our ships in the game.


A standalone game would not be terribly fun as you point out but it could help us design better ships

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To be honest my thinking was more around the creation of a newsletter... Bear with me I haven't gone complete crazy! :)


If there was a common area of space which all of us could get to, learn about, fight over and interact in it would lend itself to being reported on and therefore generate more talk.


More developed nations would have the advantage but then again they always do, however we have many highly developed nations to counter each other.


I know of alot of empires which have built up impressive fleets but no one to fight or they get on with their neighbours but can't reach those empires they do not like.


Other smaller empires could provide the scouting and recon opportunities and if they get in with a bigger empire could be protected by them when they develop in the common area.


I just thought it would add an interesting dimension strategy wise, What do you commit to the new area, who do you work with (you literally could work with any player regardless of distance), if you can't defeat someone in the new area then maybe you go for the old fashioned find him in real space and defeat him there....


And the great thing is, if you dont like it just ignore it and continue as before as it doesn't affect the actual game unless you want it to.


But again its only a idea :)

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