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Is the REVO order supported by SNROTE? I enter "REV" as the order and it does not recognize it. Does this mean?


1) The order is not supported -- if so how do I enter it?


2) I have had a revolution within 25 turns and it is temporarily inoperative.


3) Something else.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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To test it I entered REV and it autofilled the O to follow, making REVO and set up 4 other entry boxes for required info.


Have you used the order at all? That seems the most likely cause. Try doing a dummy order on one of your other positions where the order hasn't been used to see if it accepts (don't forget to delete it afterwards!!! I almost saved the test order amongst others in the position orders I tried it in).

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A follow on to my REVO question. The best aid for deciding what I need for my particular situation appears to be the "characters.xls" worksheet. I downloaded it from the Rolling thunder site but when I go to use it. it says the cells are protected and I need to unprotect the worksheet. I go to do it and it wants apasswprd. Any clues on the password or how to avoild it. I am using Windows 7 and Excek 2007.

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