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NICE work RTG! New update rocks!


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Reposting it here...LOTS of nice changes and nice new rules. Bravo!! :unsure:




Lots of upgrades this time around!


A new entry program and database file will be sent shortly after these results are emailed out. Unzip the entry program file that you receive and copy both the new SN Turn Entry program and the new SN Turn Entry Data files contained therein into your c:\SNROTE\ directory, overwriting the files of the same name that are already there. You will need to click the 'New Empire' button in the entry program after this process,as all old information about your empires will be wiped out. You need to do this before trying to load in the data file you just received, or your current entry program will have a galactic fit.


Ok...on with the good stuff:


(1) Your Convoy Routes now appear in the entry program drop-down lists.


(2) Colonies on moons now show up in the entry program.


(3) Research estimates appear on your printouts--go ahead and check it out right now...I'll wait...it's pretty cool ;)


(4) DELS (Delete Standing Order) has been added, allowing you to delete up to 5 Standing Orders per DELS entry. Yes, it's true...I'm tired of making countless bazillions of DELS entries manually each turn <whew>


(5) ESTA (Edit Standing Order Priority) has been added, allowing you to change the priority of up to 5 Standing Orders per ESTA entry.


(6) The NAME (Name Legendary Character) order has been updated to allow up to 5 new names per order.


(7) The OC (Offload Cargo) order has been updated to allow for the keyword ALL NO FUEL along with the usual ALL option - as you might expect, this allows a fleet to offload everything in its cargo bays except for Fuel.


(8) The PAP (Political Action Proposal) order has been added. You can set

any level of alliance you like with this order, which is used primarily to allow for complex Rules of Engagement fleet settings. You must have a Diplomat-class Legendary Character located at the same place as a Diplomat of the target empire

(either on the same world or with colocated fleets).


The level of alliance you choose is one-way: that is, you can indicate that you treat the other empire as an Alliance, but he could do a PAP order and set you to be only a Trade Pact. Both parties do not need to issue PAP orders at the same time. One could issue a PAP and the other does not ever have to.


(9) The CONV order now defaults to 'zero' in the Priority field - you can just type over it, or leave it alone. Entering a zero is what almost everybody does anyway, as that tells the fleet being assigned that the last Convoy Route order that it

executed had a priority of zero...so it will do the next highest-numbered Convoy Route order next time (almost always priority #10)


(10) JETT (Jettison Cargo) no longer requires an action point.


(11) MESS (Send Message) has been added. Right now there are only 3 messages that you can send, which can be directed at any empire in the game. Post your ideas for more messages on the RTG Message Board at http://www.rollingthunderforums.com/ and I'd be happy to add them in.


(12) Fuel Shuttles & Cargo Barges can now be carried in Cargo Bays instead of Fighter Bays. Those units were never carried around anyway (instead, you just place them directly into a ship design as part of the ship itself). This change was done to make it easier to pick up these items during EXPL missions. Fighter and Drones still require Fighter Bays or Drone Racks, respectively, when found during EXPL results.




Ok...regular notes: when issuing new Convoy Route orders, enter them just like you would for the regular version of the order. Don't use ** for a fleet or population group number. That shows up in the Convoy Routes on the last page of your results to make it clear which entries are 'wildcards'. When creating such an

order, just enter any regular number since it will be overwritten anyway during Convoy Route execution (personally I just enter 999).


I only corrected one MOVE order this time around--a new record (woot!). When I see a MOVE order with a target warp point of a very low number (like 5), I figure it's really an NM order, and correct it (after checking to make sure it isn't *really* warp point 5 <gasp>.


If you want to speed up the sending of turns from this end(yes...you...do...look...into...the...spinning....mirror....) send a note to Russ at supernova@rollingthunder.com and ask him to set your 'ZIP' flag to 'Yes'. Your results will be ZIP compressed every turn and then emailed out.


Did I miss something? Bzzt...back to your regularly scheduled turn results....


--GM Pete




Those Research indicators are awesome! Best update yet in my opinion!

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