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My guess, for want of any information on it at all in the time I've been in the game (as far as my own collection of data is concerned), is that it would be something Pete hasn't developed as yet, or which is so deep into the game that no-one has yet developed the technical know how to unlock its secret (not that anyone who might have done so would necessarily have told anyone about it, of course). That, or its just a 'filler' item like the ruins etc that are forever being 'discovered' during explorations, with no intrinsic value/purpose whatever.


...or it is simply something that I have not bumped into since starting in 2006.

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Based on a conversation with another player , who talked with Pete over the telephone , there are two armor science hits ( neutronium is one of them ) that are actual items you can research somehow after multiple hits of the same item . The armor is supposed to be stronger than tckon . I do not know of anybody that has this or these items . Truth or not , I cannot confirm since I do not know .

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