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Plekton tech

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Some time a few years ago Plekton fleets started showing up. From all accounts they didn't really move and were just there as a curiosity. At the same time Plekton tech started showing up in exploration finds. Some of the stuff was rather interesting, but there was never a way to get to Plekton tech from a research standpoint. Many of these same fleets are still there if not destroyed by players.


After a couple of turns the exploration finds dried up. My opinion is that Pete was experimenting with something and it got released to the game at large when it wasn't supposed to be and then was turned off or the random factor turned to extremely rare. Since that time my positions have collected millions of tons of stuff from planet explorations without encountering more than one or two pieces of Plekton tech.


You might as well ask the same question about "energy sapper creature knowledge" since that has not materialized either.



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