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Best/ worst weapon system in game and why?

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Worst ------> missile weapons

Why---------> missile weapons are about the easiest to counter

And not only that. They are the ONLY weapon system where a defending

Ship can get to the max 99 percent mitigation without using up all

your ship tonnage in defensive systems. Thier advantage in being able to

Deploy fr

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No I think he meant that your weapon choices will be greatly influenced by what your enemy has defenses for. For example

if you know your enemy has Type D Black Sphere Generators it would not be a good idea to arm your ships with ONLY

Plasma Torpedos. You will get your but handed to you.

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The best weapon is the one that your enemy does not shield against . So have all weapons ...with the exception of all missiles . I consider them all garbage , and I don't research them at all . Frankly , I am also not so convinced about the high end fighters or high end drones , but then I have not really seen them used that much in this version of SuperNova . In the previous version of SN , drones were the king of the space battle , almost , with fighters coming a close second .....I build the Locusts , the Balrogs , the Overlords , and the Terminators , but not so enthusiastically .

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I thought about it some more and missiles do have their day in the SuperNova. :) They are best used against FIXED defenses only. Against a moving target they really do suck and suck bad but against a PDC or Orbital platform missiles shine as the defender HAS to 'shoot them down' since they will not get any maneuver bonus at all. The attacker can fire at whatever max range their missiles have and use that range to

blunt the damage from everything except missiles which will suck bad against the attacker anyways. ;)


Fighters and Drones can be very effective even against massed point defenses BUT there has to be a very large investment in other techs to

back up your fighters/drones and hence I believe the reason they aren't used as much as they used to be in other incarnations of SuperNova

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