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Pete et all,


I have been wondering at the complexity of adding two more field variables to the NAME order which would allow you to rename fleets and armies as well. Would this be possible? I have some bombers cruising around in a fleet called " Heavy Haulers" (old freight fleet) and it just isn't that a intimidating name :cheers:





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Vuja De!


This topic was visited once before on the old BBS.


I don't think that it would be too hard to add such color text to a modified NAME Order.


NAME <Type> <ID> <New Name>


Where -

<Type> would be Fleet, Army, Pop Group or Character

<ID> would be the appropriate identification number for the Type in question: Fleet number, Army number, Pop Group ID or Character ID

<New Name> would be ... well ... the New Name :lol:


The Pop Group would be the most difficult item to add, as Pete would have to modify the database structure in some way -- either adding a table linked by PopGroup number or adding a 'Name' Field to the PopGroup data table. :blink: The other three shouldn't be too bad to add.


Of course, it would require an upgrade to the Turn Entry Program. :cheers:

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