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So, now that things have really gotten a chance to get going in Draco, and the Death Machines wars are starting to heat up, how about a little love for those Empires back in Andromeda? It's been ages since we've seen any Plekton fleets, moreso for the T'ckon, or any others.

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Imagine if there was a gate between the two galaxies...


Oh, I'm not in favour of that. I left Andromeda five years ago and I had ships like this:-



-----NUD (Naval Unit Design)-----

NUD: Starship, Battlecruiser Mawson, B, Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 1, Mk VI Total Conversion Engine, 558660, Cargo Bay,

2000000, Fuel Tankage, 500000000, Type G Plasma Torpedo, 9990, Type D Spinal Starbore, 522, Tckon 68, 7604000,

Mk IX Force Shield, 66000000, Mk IV Meson Screen, 1600000, Mk III Holographic Cybernetic Battle Director, 275,

Mk I Flag Bridge, 1, Fuel Shuttle, 90000, Mk IV Jump Survey Sensor, 1

The Naval Unit Design Review Board confers with various Imperial Naval Architects, concludes that this design is acceptable,

and forwards it to a formal INA Board Review for final approval (accepted and filed as an active design)

-----INA Design Report-----

..... The BATTLECRUISER MAWSON class NDNF, a 10,000,000,000 ton Flag Nova Dreadnaught assigned to formation B (Battle Line)


Construction Cost:

1 Nuclear Transwarp Drive, 558,660 Mk VI Total Conversion Engine, 2,000,000 Cargo Bay, 500,000,000 Fuel Tankage,

9,990 Type G Plasma Torpedo, 522 Type D Spinal Starbore, 7,604,000 Tckon 68, 66,000,000 Mk IX Force Shield,

1,600,000 Mk IV Meson Screen, 275 Mk III Holographic Cybernetic Battle Director, 1 Mk I Flag Bridge,

90,000 Fuel Shuttle, 1 Mk IV Jump Survey Sensor

Resources Needed for Component Construction (unknown technology not included): . 2,726,000,000 Steel .

54,000,000 Electronics . 275,000,000 Advanced Electronics . 45,000 Improved Electronics . 30,000 Improved Synthetic

Materials .

250 Mk I Nuclear Jump Drive . 250 Mk I Force Shield . 25,000 Advanced Fuel . 999,000,000 Advanced Steel .

999,000,000 Advanced Synthetic Materials . 999,000,000 Precious Metals . 999,000,000 Advanced Processed Radioactives .

999,000,000 Rare Elements



Now imagine empires a lot more powerful than mine, with 5 more years of research and production versus the empires in Draco.

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