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More Items to take off turn if possible


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To help in reducing pointless printing of massively redundant data, the Warp Points Surveyed section of the results will display every few turns rather than every turn (similar to how the rumors work in Draco).  It's just too much to print for hardcopy results, quite often scores of pages even when nothing or very little changed from previous turns.  It even exceeds a hundred or more pages for some results, which gets a bit ridiculous when one could easily refer to a previous turn's results for the same information.  I've also been asked to look at the industrial report section to make it easier to read, and will see what can be done on that end from a formatting standpoint.

I personally use the warp point surveys from my turns to create and update databases. I also make special data bases comparing empires to other peoples turns. 

I change leader locations every turn. ( I will continue to do this because of certain advantages I am gaining that are not mentioned anywhere)

I use my ship section to look at fuel usage. I like to compare empires ship names depending on that they are built with to see if it creates new names from other empires. 

I like to check my convoy routes to compare how much more cargo bays to build. I like to be able to see other peoples cargo builds to ensure they are working efficiently.  

I check my standing orders to identify problems with my explore orders that are popping up recently. 

Rumor reports occur about every 10 turns or so. It would be neat to see them every other turn. FYI, I am on turn 37 and have received only 3 of them on this empire. I just checked every turn. One never even happened.

Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire's annihilation of DMX shipping is among the largest they have come across. 31Thursday, June 09, 2016
I have never destroyed any DMX shipping

Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire possesses a very strong colonization effort. Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intelligence operatives, interstellar merchants, spies, rumormongers and other sources report that your empire boasts one of the most extensive colonization efforts they have seen anywhere. Thursday, October 12, 2017

I would like to see a change to the ANZ if you have an item in the pile it would be neat if it could be included in the list until it is not in the stock pile.

I would like to have a csv option for the world you are circling other than 0.

I have changed all my leaders names with their numbers in front of their name. It is very difficult to see their names when moving them. Maybe something can be done to see them when trying to assign them. 

I would like to see how much available cargo space, colony berthing, fighters bay space etc. in the fleet report so that I don't have to go back and forth to look when they don't have anything in the hold. 

I would like the leaders to be listed on the worlds they are assigned to.

I would like to see the colony report, industrial production and stockpiles combined.

I would like to have the religious favor points activated or explained a little more.

Could you fix the bug in the Imperial Navy Report: Fleet Summary showing AP for ships that are no longer in the fleets?

Could you put power generation and excess power generation together so we can see how many more we need to build?

Could the RTD order be placed next to the colony reports?

Can the installation report be moved next to the colony report?

I would like to see the research, explore orders, scientists hits, ANZ from items finished, newly researchable items and researchable items at the top of my turn.

I would like to have the research list changed so I see what I got from each slot and what is replacing it. Tracking down what people did last turn for so many empires is exhausting. 

Could favor points be moved to the bottom of the turn?

Could you have the convoy route report above the Imperial Navy Report: Convoy Route Execution?

Things that could lower the paper struggle,

How about it does not when an explore or a sensor scan does not find anything






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That is a lot of stuff to move around.

I have been playing since Andromda started and for the most part I like stuff where it is.  I don't like the idea of not getting some of my info.  I don't like the idea that the army report is seldom if ever reported.  Dropping the WP survey list and many other changes will reduce paper, but do little to help manage my empire.  I need to know WP's when I need to know them and it is almost never when it is convenient for it to be printed.  However, having several 100 pages of WP's surveyed in Andromeda I do see how there will be a significant savings to printed pages.  It would be nice if we could get a "new since the last major print out" section so we always have it in print someplace.

I would like to have added to the fleet report how much fuel the fleet requires for a type A wp.  It is not that hard to calculate but I do make mistakes all the time.

Exploration orders have very nice flavor language.  We used to think this was valuable, if it is, then leave it otherwise a one liner "fleet x explored "location X, found something, nothing .

for production I am fine with what is printed and would not want to lose any of it, but I would like it top be in the same order every time, either by Pop group ID or planet name or something, just be consistent.  that would speed up my use of the section.

I would like all of the MESS orders at the top of the turn and not buried throughout.

I would like warnings when ever I run out of power at the top as well.

I would like to be able to split out damaged ships and would need them to be so indicated on the fleet report.  I would also like the fleet report to list them as well, ie. 4 pathfinder, 2 pathfinder minor damage, 1 pathfinder crippled etc.

I would not want to see the convoy route listing go away, or the ship design or the standing order section.  they are used most turns.  Same with Character list.

And as long as we are wishing for stuff...

I would like a combined order that does the PMAP and GEO at the same time.

I would like orbitals that can either be towed through a WP or a mobile shipyard that could assemble something on site.  

I would like the print to be a bit darker on the turn.  It often seems washed out and is getting more difficult to read as I get old and decrepit.


I want to be able to BOMB somebody.



I would like the MESS order to be more like 150-300 characters so a reasonable message can be sent.

I would like some of the legendary characters to increase fleet repair. (they may do now and I just never noticed)



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For those of you who are printing their turns, it sounds to me that a new section at the end called Turn Summary with the new stuff you'd like to print might be the way to go. That way no-one is confused by stuff moving from where it is now and all the details is still there when you need them. Each turn you could print the Summary section to add to your hard copy.

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Perhaps, but I have heard of battles of small ships with little FP taking a very long time as well.  :)


On my last turn I got a note from Pete that said "to prevent a really long battle and print out, I killed it.  many B tons rolling over something under 1M tons I think.

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I had a battle way back where my 50 million+ ton unarmed colony fleet got attacked by a single enemy scout armed with 1 light magnetic grapple. The battle had to last past 700 combat rounds but apparently timed out with my colony fleet surviving the encounter. That was a close one ?

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