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Since you gave us the Y Roe, I decided to offer a neighboring race ( of dubious character) a diplomatic agreement.


This is what I got back on my turn:

PAP: XXXX, Non-Aggression Pact
Your diplomatic envoy is unable to enact a Non-Aggression Pact as ordered, as that is not a diplomatic agreement that he is
aware of.


What happened here????   Do I have to await my neighbor also issuing this order????

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I see my error.

The Draco rules state:

PAP proposals limited to No Agreement, War or Total Alliance


Pete......How am I suppose to use this limited list of diplomatic agreements with an Y ROE??   Given a Y ROE isn't a total alliance the only option to keep my ships from opening fire on my new friend?   Can't we have something between War and Tooal alliance when using a Y ROE?


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Non-Aggression Pact isn't needed, because the NENC ROE settings that it applies to simply aren't in Draco.  You can set your fleets to Quebec, Romeo, Yankee or Zulu, and Non-Aggression Pact doesn't apply to any of those (it won't stop an alien fleet on Yankee or Zulu from attacking you, and it is ignored in any event if they are Quebec or Romeo).

Perhaps I am missing a diplomatic state where you would need Non-Aggression Pact instead of using the existing Draco ROE and diplomatic settings to accomplish the same goal.

edit:  Yankee was added in because it allows you to let Total Allies fly freely within your territory (except to a world with Bastions, which are always on Zulu), while keeping everybody else out.  You don't need to declare War on anyone and your pickets will still attack anyone you know or don't know, so long as you're not Totally Allied.  Yankee also covers the "unknown alien" problem where someone you've never heard of shows up, or if you want to move your Totally Allied fleets together pulse by pulse blasting anyone you see, known or unknown, so long as they aren't also Total Allies.

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Yes, I am confused.   I thought Y ROE would attack any ship I DID NOT have a diplomatic agreement with.  Since my choices are "no agreement" or "war" that does not help leaving only a Total alliance.  Isn't a Total Alliance the only way I could avoid attacking his ship. Total Alliance just sounds so binding and has connatations I am not ready to apply to the relationship

Given a TA has no other advantages then it is almost a meaningless word and we just have to get over the appearance issue.  IN Draco you only have TA's, Enemys, or nuetrals.  A TA just means they are NOT an enemy or neutral but the next turn I could declare war on my alleged TA if I am so inclined?


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It is completely helpful.  You make your friends total allies and then set your stuff to Yankee.  You will attack anybody not a total ally.  If you want to be friendly with a neighbor and still have an aggressive ROE so you will engage others then you make them a TA and set your stuff to Y.  There is little need for any other setting.


These settings could just as easily be changed to friend, foe and unknown so don't get hung up on "total ally".  As it sits a total ally is a friend, nothing more or less.  You can change your settings any time you like and can do it multiple times a turn if you so desire.  Or you can just set your stuff on ZULU and press forward taking no prisoners. 



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