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Going over my new first turn in Draco. 

In the RTD section:


Naval: Oceangoing naval vessels,. Both surface and subsea capable, can provide for a very
effective means of interdicting enemy movements. Transport of friendly forces over large
waterways is provided, along with heavy naval bombardment against selected targets.
(50,000 tons) 1 Imperial Marines Soldiers - 50,000 Steel - 150,000 Weapons - 50,000 Food

Now a few pages before I noticed that Imperial Guards and Imperial Marines were not in this version of the game OR you had Prerequisite Technologies to research, unlike Andro (I was making assumptions, be it ever so dreaded). But now Naval is showing up as needing 1 Imperial Marines Soldiers to build. Soooo.......

1.)Either Naval is not a turn one tech

2.)It should be 1 Imperial Army Soldier (my assumption, be it ever so dreaded, though I find needing an army guy on a boat funny:D)

If this is in the wrong section, please move it.


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You won’t need you starting guards divisions for quite some time so you could DETACH your HW army and they will end up in stockpile. Then do an ANZ on each one and it will give you a hint of what techs you will need to build them. You’ll be amazed to know that those guys need generation 5 and 6 ground combat tech to actually build! Ouch!  

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