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[Redacted]...and you are an ally or friend of jm . I have the most recent turn belonging to Nym #2185 in front of me . No need to deny to me , or on the forum . You definitely do not run Nym #2185 . Give jm my greetings when you talk to him . 

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Please avoid personal names on this thread. Thx!
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If you had posted truthfully , and been truthful in the emails you sent , then I would not post anything here . You told me 4907 was jm , when it in fact is somebody else . You sent me stuff I did not ask you for . You acted angry when I did not give you any info over my positions in exchange for info you sent me , and I did not need . To me , you were trying to get info for jm . I could care less now . Trying to be deceptive is a recipe for bad things . 

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