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I was thinking it might be a good idea for all the Alliances, that are public, to post a Description and whatever they think is important about them, in one place like the Welcome to the galactic forum section.

Some inactive area, so that would be mostly all there is in that area. I have seen messages from that panteon, Phoenix and isis, but when I go to look for them I can not remember what thread they are a part of, or the thread is 6 pages deep.

I would hope all alliances would post what they are all about and if they are recruiting, Ect.


Moonshadow :alien:

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That is a very good idea. I am playing a new position myself and it was only good luck that led me to the Galatic Star League. I am happy with my choice but it was a bit of a shot in the dark.


I should say that the GSL guys are really cool and have helped me out a whole lot. If what some have said is true, then it doesn't matter when you join in because you will have just as good a chance of linking up as the older guys.



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The other Board, as in the Old RTG board, or the yahoo board?


Either way, I was hoping for a repost here, I do not frequent either other board.


if the Alliances are interested in the new players, signing Up since the Flagship article, I would think they would want to make their Info east to find.


Moonshadow :rolleyes:

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The Power Pantheon is mainly in a wait and see state. Currently only information is important since there is no threat from anyone yet and even if there were it wouldn't matter since there has been almost no contact between empires in space.


Still, I am an old player and know the basics of any alliance is trust. The level of trust determines the success of the alliance...period. Also, you must distribute the roles in the alliance otherwise people will feel "outside the loop." To this end when the time comes there will be ministers appointed to spread out the control. Too much control by one person is far too dangerous in any venue. That is why the issue of trust is so important. A weak link can cause a lot of damage in this type of alliance but it is necessary to be successful.


I also know that this is a game although it does cost money. Nothing too serious here. I have played a lot of games like this and know the feeling when things don't go as you would have liked. I do not purposely cause harm to anyone but alas combat is part of the game and can't be avoided in certain situations. No hard feelings if we do end up opposite on the battlefield.

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Alliances are for the weak and the weak shall fall before us. As a drow you should know this, but time (and perhaps too much cosmic radiation :lol: ) it seems has dulled your minds and made you weak. But do not fret, we shall set things right and remind you what a "true" drow is, just before we re-integrate and re-educate you (or destroy you...your choice) into our empire. Trust us, we are coming. :rolleyes:

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Scratching around I came up with the following alliance info…


Galactic Star League


As discussed above. The most biggest alliance in SN:ROTE?

Try contacting board user Locklyn.


Holy Brotherhood of Brewmasters (HBOB)


Kurassier writes, “The name says it all, if you want to be a member, just send me an email (or preferably a beer) at tpalcorn@yahoo.com”




Nice to have a code of conduct…Info from post, Rules & Mechanics/ New Empire, Alliances Out there? But of course… on Oct 10 2003, 08:09 AM ShadowKitsune writes…”ISIS Membership requirements are pretty easy. Be a player in SuperNova: Rise of the Empires and be willing to abide by our Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct


[1] All finds* that you personally acquire are yours to do with what you please outside of ISIS.

[2] What is shared with the members of ISIS stays within ISIS.

[3] All finds are highly encouraged to be shared with the membership.


*Finds are anything that you have successfully researched via Research Centers, analyzed with the ANZ or INST Order or found during an EXPL mission.


ISIS is a quid pro quo research organization. Everybody puts what they can into the common body of knowledge shared by all members.”


For membership try mailing ShadowKitsune.



Ming Alliance


Rules & Mechanics/ New Empire, Alliances Out there? But of course.. Lostworlds post Oct 8 2003, 07:57 PM


Lostworlds writes, “Ming Allaince member to contact is Mike at (severian13@earthlink.net)”



Phoenix Arisen


Rules & Mechanics/ New Empire, Alliances Out there? But of course.. Phoenix Arisen @ Oct 9 2003, 08:25 PM

PA writes, “We, the members of Phoenix Arisen, in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice and insure Galactic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and ensure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the members of our alliance.


We believe that a perfect union is one where the members share our point of view.

We stand for our way of life and the rule of Justice, not law.

We believe that the way to galactic tranquility is through the elimination of sources of dis-ease.

We shall strictly and enthusiastically defend all territories and borders from those who do not share our beliefs.

We shall promote the welfare of our constituents through research support and open trade.

We ensure the liberty of the beings within our 517 system sphere of control through an active and aggressive expansion of our buffer zones.

We adhere to the logic of strength and the wisdom of Sun Tzu.

We tolerate no deceit.

Should an empire encroach upon our borders we shall let them know.”


For contact suggest mailing the Phoenix Arisen user account.



Power Pantheon


As above and from Rules & Mechanics/ New Empire, Alliances Out there? But of course.. Phase Dragon Oct 9 2003, 03:44 PM. Ed the leader writes… “As far as an alliance policy, the only one that the Power Pantheon has is basically a wait and see strategy.”

Contact PhaseDragon@cox.net

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Fear not. Ming is alive and well. I just got tired of posting alliance information everytime someone started a new thread on the subject.


Mike White


Empire # 2613


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The Benthii will not presume to speak for the greater collectivity, but for ourselves, we have joined the Galactic Star League because we find that it is a friendly and collegial body of allies. Unlike some alliances and groupings there is no top-down, imperial style dictation of alliance policy. When you join your race's goals and strategies are not forced to comply with the alliance founders' ambition. Instead the GSL is a democracy. All members have a say and we are bound by trust and mutuality. The individual sovereignty of all is guarenteed and the League will not interfer in Benthii domestic affairs. Loyalty, honesty, good faith, and a willingness to cooperate in the creation of a robust and thriving Galactic Civilization are what is required. There are some technical requirements for membership, but these are easily dealth with if a race is genuine in wanting to be part of a real team. It should also be noted that almost all members are only recently acquainted. (The GSL is not some cabal of powers from previous games seeking to dominate this one.)


Some meta-political groupings are geared toward conquest and and that means that those that join are mearly joining a gang of brigands. These are just bullies joining with bigger bullies so that they can gang up on the weaker races. This is an omnipresnt reality in our Galaxy.


The Benthii are scientists; we much prefer to study more than to build defenses. We do not wish to dominate others, so we have joined others who do not wish to be dominated. By joining the GSL we have allowed ourselves the comfort of collective security which frees us from the fear of the inevitable gang of bullies. We have not joined the GSL out of compulsion and we see no sacrifice in having joined. Our membership both benefits and is benefited by the greater collectivity.


In a dangerous universe collective security is necessary for survival. The Benthii are just happy that we were able to stumble across the GSL where we can get mutual defense and assistance without sacrificing our own sovereignty.


Benthis Collective

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The United Republic of Scanners is independent, for now.


I see many reasons to join an alliance, and we will join one or the other later, maybe. It is good that alliances form.


I also think that many alliances will form when races meet. In Dutch there is a saying:

"It is better to have a good neighbour than a far friend".


I am definitely willing to cooperate, but I do not want to pledge allegiance to an alliance of others that I haven't met yet, and thus limiting my possibilities to start an alliance with my neighbours.


I am also curious to know how the alliances regard empires that leave the alliance. Will this be considered betrayal, followed by prosecution?


If so, I would be very reluctant to join any alliance right now, since I want to keep options open.


Kind regards,

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