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Pop Groups on Gas Giants


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No problem creating a pop group for example for Fuel deposits but having population actually survive on it may be tough if you are not a coloniser race. But an empty pop group is never a problem.



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Thanks for that....just trying to picture what the pop group might look like....perhaps a few bits of abandoned modules orbitting the gas giant. Presumably when cargo is offloaded to these pop groups it must float round in orbit with the empty pop group....unless of course PGs they are somehow established floating on the gaseous surface! :rolleyes:

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Pete has responded in the past that the pop group is located where ever it needs to be for survival and that for gas giants they would be orbiting/floating colonies. Since it makes little difference to game play you could have them about anywhere. One does wonder about attrition in an orbital colony though. You would think that the orbital colony mainteance staff could do something about the temperature that is killing 5% of the inhabitants.


Maybe someday we will stumble onto the tech to build truly orbital colonies via Orbital Construction Technology, but so far nothing has materialized.

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