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Maybe this is a weird question to be asking at this stage of the game, but I just noticed something. Until now, I never paid any attention to the "Mines" weapon tree, but I recently came across an advanced weapon of another tree that has Space Mines as a prereq. That's when I noticed that I neither have Space Mines as an existing tech, or one that is available to research. This seems peculiar since I thought that they were a 1st gen weapon. Is this a glitch, or is there some very basic tech that I somehow missed??

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Mines exist , and the tech tree is convoluted . It all ends with warp mine rack .

Warp Mine Rack: Your scientists, tiring of simply blowing enemy ships into smithereens, decided to add a twist to mine technology. Rather than smashing the target's armor with explosives, annihilating it with antimatter explosions or even sucking it into a miniature black hole, they have come up with what they consider to the be the most fiendish and advanced mine system ever. Should a target ship blunder into an area seeded with Warp Mines, its fate is sealed. With virtually no explosive force, making them very difficult to detect, Warp Mines manifest tiny warp bubbles in a wide area about the targeted ship. Should any part of the ship strike a warp bubble, that ship section simply attempts to warp to another star system in an unconstrained fashion. With no warp tunnel containment structure to hold the section intact, it impacts on the interior of the miniature warp tunnel, enters hyperspace, and is quickly destroyed. Of course, the portions of the ship left behind suffer from the loss, causing devastating damage even if the surviving vessel is not altogether destroyed. (100 tons) 100 Advanced Steel - 100 Advanced Electronics - 100 Advanced Synthetic Materials - 200 Rare Elements
Classification: Minelaying Range: Point Blank Structural Integrity: 100
Prerequisite Technologies: Antimatter Mine Rack
Mine Strength: Magnificent [56320]

Instead of space mines , you might mean space mine rack , which is the beginning of the tech tree....

Space Mine Rack:  Minelayers use Space Mine Racks to deploy mines in a concentrated field. In battle, minefields are laid to restrict or ambush the enemy. Enemy ships that come too close to such a minefield can suffer significant damage if they are not able to detect and avoid the mines. The basic Space Mine Rack utilizes explosive mines with tiny nuclear warheads that detonate by using simple proximity sensors. (100 tons) 400 Steel - 100 Electronics 
Classification: Minelaying Range: Point Blank Structural Integrity: 100
Prerequisite Technologies: Mk I Short Range Torpedo
Mine Strength: Fair [220]

Research the Mk I SR Torp if you wish to eventually get the warp mine rack . That is your prerequisite .

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