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I was wondering if it was possible to have the RTD order give the same info that an ANZ order does with prereqs et all? Like many I am finding my bookkeeping strained at times and doing an RTD order now and then and get the full ANZ data, including changes of bugs would be a relief. Minor thing but perhaps you could consider it?




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I'm not so sure that Locklyn's suggestion, or something similar, would take anything away from RTG. Here's my reasoning:


All of the ANZ info from the RTD that we started the game with is public knowledege and readily available from multiple sources so I would guess that the only things people are ANZing are newly researchable items. There is no need to ANZ something after you've researched it because you get the free ANZ when research is completed (unless you are doing it to get corrected info in which case you shouldn't have to pay for it anyway).


Since the RTD only gives info on stuff you can already build (have completed research in), I don't see what the harm is in including the info that is usually only on the ANZ.


If there are still a lot of people doing ANZs on the stuff in the initial RTD, then how about a new order that would give you all of the ANZs on stuff you can currently build, except it would leave off all of the stuff on the initial RTD. This would mean that you are only getting ANZ info on stuff you have already received the free ANZ anyway. This would just be an easy way to keep info current, correct, and all in one place.


Another idea, though likely more time consuming to program, is an order that would give you all of the ANZs you have already done and received free with completed research. This would include ANZs that you have already done on newly reserachable items (but maybe haven't completed research), all ANZs that you got with completed research, ANZs you have done on items found by EXPLing, and only those itmes from the initial RTD that you have previoulsy done an ANZ on. So, in essence, you are only getting ANZ info that you have already paid for.


In the almost 30 turns I've been playing, I have not once issued the RTD order. If it were changed to something more useful, I think I would likely use it after every 3-5 tech breakthroughs or so.

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