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I got a scout into an area of space that has fleets from multiple empires. This past turn I spent the orders to issue MESS (included my email address) and REA orders for each empire. Sadly, each empire was set to private so I got nothing from the REA orders. It's been only a few days since results came out but no emails yet. Just wanted to reach out here as well to see if any of these empires are still active or not. This used to be a really active area of space back in the day and the subject of quite a few posts here on the forums. Any information appreciated.


760 Roman Empire
232 Valkor Star Kingdom
4050 /_\ /_\~/_\
1827 Obsidian, Inc
4169 Intergalactic Statesmen
105 Coconutheads
4077 Technoants
1373 Realm of Cric
4154 Arcadian Hansa
4416 Blend Me Another
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On 1/18/2024 at 1:43 AM, hobknob said:

If they are being played I think that blowing up their stuff will get their attention like no other option. :)


Depends, some of our turn orders where large enougth that the occasional accident wasn't noticed. 

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When my turns were over 1000 pages the second or third thing I did was to search on "Naval Bat" so I rarely missed any battles.  I would assume everybody does something similar.  What I will miss is a MESS order buried in the turn some place.  I wish they were all located in a dedicated part of the report and not buried between my own orders.

Of course I understand that empires are so massive in Andro that losing a few M or B tons could slip through the cracks.

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