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Auro-production for the second/third generation


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I'm curious as to how people are tooling production given the new line of technology available to most of us (Improved/Advanced based items)


I'm tweaking my spreadsheet and the build options are quickly exploding making my spreadsheet obsolete in many respects (I hae one where you "order" a certain number of ships and it calculates everything you need to build)


Thus, its time for me to either:


1) Spend more hours than I have to update my "order placement" spreadsheet to acocunt for the myriad of new techs and resources; or


2) Tool things to accomodate the new items


If I tool, it would involve something like




Improved Steel



Improved Timber

Construction Materials

Improved construciton Materials


Gaseous Elements

Industrial Chemicals


Synthetic Materials

Improved Synthetic Materials



Refined Crystals

Improved Refiend Crystals



Improved Electronics


Advanced Fuel


Weapon/Ship Components (Classified :P )



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The Ring utilizes a system like you describe, Eternus.


We prefer it because it is simple to swap out 'obsolete' materials for more advanced versions. If you need to switch from 100 Mk II Nuclear Engines/turn to 100 Mk II Fusion Engines a turn you just need to EB the following:


subtract 20,000 Steel; 10,000 SynMat; 10,000 ProRads; and 10,000 Elect. from your current production and add the same number to your production for the Improved versions. Then EB Mk II Nuclear to Fusion. (You don't have to touch any of the underlying materials unless you change quantities.)


This usually doesn't require too many orders, but does get complicated if numerous items are being adjusted at the same time. We, too, have been pondering better spreadsheets but haven't settled on anything yet.


Lord Xaar

The Ring of Vheissu

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Actually, I am less automated than my Dandelion compadre. The Q Republic only tools 'raw' elements and Construction Materials then I set-up 'mini-queues' to produce specific ship or troop designs.


By 'raw' elements, I mean items like Crystals, Iron, Radioactive Elements, etc. Since I also produce Construction Materials, I do have queues for Steel and Lumber, but only in sufficient quantity to produce my Construction Materials.


Of course, the Quetzacoatl never were like the other kids ... :lol:

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My original spreadsheet is still working pretty good. The biggest difficulty is adding new items to build, not difficult but it does take time. I don't know how you would qualify it, but it isn't of the variety that builds for specific ships designs or what not. It is also very easy to add in materials mined at colonies. For the most part I use as many tooled builds as possible. Once I start building something I generally plan on using quite a few of them.



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My Basic Spreadsheet on the RTG download list I still use, but have just done a new one that has ALL known resources. I'll test it out some more before thinking of sending it in again.


However, all my production is based upon planning. It's easier to leave production tooled for a while if you know what you're going to build.


My ships are all in classes of between 10 and 80. I'm into a 20 turn building plan at present. From this I have set requirements and it's easy to leave gross production alone, whilst continuing to tweak at the component level - which I do on a separate sheet.


I even do the planning for technology I haven't got yet.


Chief Planner to Ur-Lord Tedric

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My queue is also based on long term planning. Except for a few survey ships and freighters, I am holding off on building lots of ship components until I get tech that will not rapidly become obsolete. So I plan the for tech I know I'll have, and I tool my production accordingly.


Right now I'm producing 4000 Mk IV Nuclear Engines per turn, for 8 turns, so all production is tooled for that.

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I too plan ahead accordingly. But I also keep in mind (especially now with the NTWD) that company may show up real quick, so I have to be prepared to deal with my unexpected guests. :)


Right now I'm producing 4000 Mk IV Nuclear Engines per turn, for 8 turns, so all production is tooled for that.


Planning a trip are we. :lol:

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It's probably 55% of my resource production, 25% of my industrial capacity, each turn, for 8 turns.


When you consider how many Mk IV engines it takes to make a ship with 500 berthings and 300,000 bays 12 AP, you get the point. Then again, making 6x that many berthings is a LOT more expensive than making the engines...


I can't *wait* for the Mk V. Only 50 or so more turns, but who's counting?

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