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Renaming Fleets


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Due to a distinct lack of foresight I am quickly losing track of some of my fleets and have decided to restructure some of my fleet names & numbers


The only way that I can do this without using up masses of orders would be to address it in a "rolling programme" using the DECF and NEWF orders to gradually implement the required changes as fleets become obselete.


The other option (involving lots of RNs and effectively changing all the fleet numbers) would play havoc with the standing orders and is too hideously expensive to contemplate. :cheers:


It would however be so much easier if there was a RENAME FLEET order. Changes could then be made to fleets without having to use the DECF and NEWF orders. (Of course if I need to renumber any fleets then I would still have to use these orders with a few RNs thrown in for good measure). So please please please can we have an order that allows us to change the names of our fleets! :D

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Last time I talked to Pete, he indicated that he was working on a fleet name order to work like the new form of NAME for characters. This is probably like the system beacon code in that he is probably waiting for a good excuse to stick it in. I did mention that it sounded like a great idea. I guess you do as well.


Personally, I think they (P& R) would be more likely to give more on an order like this than require more orders. it would be great for them to keep 5 or 6 guys who will hang on at 40 orders than lose 1 or 2 who feel they are not getting their money's worth. My thought anyway.. :D

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I hope you are right!


Just to emphasise the point...


To change Fleet 101, "10th Recon Fleet" to Fleet 101, "1st Recon Fleet":-


NEWF, 999, "Temp Fleet"

RN, 101, 999, ALL

DECF, 101

NEWF, 999, 101, "1st Recon Fleet"

RN, 999, 101, ALL

DECF, 999




RENAME, 101, "1st Recon Fleet"


6 Orders to accomplish what 1 order could do! :beer:

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Yes, it would be nice to see a rename order implemented for fleets. But you have to admit, on the priority list for improvements in the game, renaming fleets has to be pretty low on the list.


Come on, wouldn't you rather see Pete spend his time on implementing changes to ship repair processes so the code can be activated? Or getting the code related to the use of Grand Cathedrals to various entities running? Those are important to the game. Renaming fleets is a nice to have but WAY down the list. Heck, I have several poorly named fleets I merely live with instead of worrying about changing. To many other things to worry about other than something minor like a fleet name.


SO .. I have to take an opposing voice on this thread. Pete, I urge you to concentrate on the bigger things in the game. And place the little nice to haves items (like this) on the wish list for work sometime late in 2004.

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I have to agree with you as regards programming priorities. Of course ship repairs, repairing damaged installations, grand cathedrals, etc are much more important. These will obviously require a lot of work to be put in place and should rightly be on the top of the list.


A "Rename Fleet" order, however, would surely be relatively quick and easy to programme and as such I was kind of hoping Pete might be able fit it in with the many other minor upgrades which he manages to incorporate every few months or so.





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Being a programmer myself, there is NO SUCH THING as minor fix.


Any change to something as complex as this game needs proper testing to ensure it does not act in an unexpected fashion. Tests must be done to be sure it doesn't repair a fleet when updating, and it only updates the fleet named in that empire (no others), and other parameters for the fleet are left untouched. If the order allows the Fleet ID to be changed and not just the name, more tests are required to properly delete the old record and insert the new ID record (and only if the new one does not already exist). PLUS lets not forget it's a new order so it needs to be added to the Entry tool, and entry screen defined, tested for proper validation of fleet selection, recording in the correct form in the output file, etcetera....


Can it be done? Yes. Timewise when compared to implementing repair code it might seem small. But it it a minor change? Nope, as there is no such thing....

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A return all empty fleets to hw would indeed be a good order considering the amount of paperwork involved for these purely fictious fleets roaming the universe


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