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The Official Colonizer Grieving Thread


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Nice strategy.


All of my colonies (except a harsh one that is nearly maxed out) are outside of my main system :cheers: So the extra AP'S never helped my situation. As a result, I'll have to build almost twice as many CBs as you have to get em off fast. I have about 900 CBs in service and will build more.


The NTWDs will really really help though.


Holy construction material investment too....


Thats the limiting factor for me. CMs. I ship out sooo many CMs to feed my colonies.


The reward is that I will soon have a variety of efficient colonies with good growth rates.


I just finished my production for next turn and was able to move/employ another 4000 pop this time (thanks to huge CM builds) which will help :D

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I took a slower expansion rate since I am either ideal or moderate. Domed City makes me Ideal on a moderate world. I did 30 berthings a turn and have about 100 heading out of system. I have an 800, 757 and 495 Iron home system so busy there.

You're kidding me? Holy crap. That's some serious Iron potential.

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I don't have a single spare pop unit on my world. I build stripmines every turn for any new pop unit and my industries are constantly building construction materials. I have a reptillian race with the highest reproduction rate. I guess plants must really multiply quickly.


I also don't have any colonies since I didn't have any planets in my home system or 1 system out with ideal conditions.

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My only intention was to increase my production as fast as possible and use all my spare pop units. As far as analyzing the cost justification...no I hadn't given it much thought. I would, however, like to know what your analysis is.

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We also convert all into stripmines and IC. We just do not like any unemployed.

And by colonizing a not ideal world consumes pop anyway, so I am happy with high reproduction and still creating many construction materials.


Yes, the payback period is about 250 turns, but hey, we are here for the long run.

And we expect the IIC will give a bonus to reduce payback time.

Just haven't developed it yet.

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I developed a spreadsheet before Turn 1 that shows that the payback takes forever :alien2:


The reasn I have stopped producing normal CMs (beleive me, I have a ton) is because I'll need Improved CMs for the better industries. I can't fathom what I would do with 30 turns of normal CMs (aside using them to build 1st gen BI and power plants) -- so for now -- some of my people are in limbo, waiting for the newer industries to show up.


Also - when you concentrate on CMs, you have less production for CBs, exploration ships, jump survey ships and defensive fleets.


Its a tricky balance.


Once those new industries arrive, I'll be rockin :P

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